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The not-so-little mermaid

The not-so-little mermaid

When you’re in the middle of a Top 30 challenge, you’re never quite sure what’s going to turn up in the mail…

Mermaid Tail

Fishy out of water?

I am now one flaming red wig away from list item number 29, ‘Participate in a photo shoot on the rocks of a beach dressed as Ariel from ‘The Little Mermaid‘!

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No Fridge Challenge Day 6: Eating is cheating


Apologies for the late post, I was otherwise occupied last night.

Ok, if you must know, I was out “having the night of my life with HANSON!”


“When you get old and start losing your hair, the girls of Sydney will still care”.

One of my oldest and dearest friends, Rachael, is a mad Hanson fan (and yes, I intentionally used the word “is” rather than “was”). Rachael attended the concert the night before, managing to impressively tick off the absolute ultimate of all of her bucket list items by actually meeting them.

*Insert incoherent squeal here*

With other people’s bucket list items being ticked of left and right, it is with renewed vigour that I return to my own list

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