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Two blog posts in one day? It better be something good!

Oh, it’s good alright. Great even.


At least.

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Come on down!

Come on down!

Don’t mind if I do!

The lovely Claire is responsible for list item number 19: ‘Compete on a Game Show’. Awesome!

It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I’ve come close a couple of times too. I’ve receieved call-backs for ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ and ‘My Kitchen Rules’ (which isn’t exactly a game show but close enough). I’ve also sat in the audience and watched my friend Juliette win something like a pen and a boardgame on ‘Wheel of Fortune’!

So close and yet so far.

Unfortunately, when I receieved the call-back for Millionaire I was young and naïve. I remember just one of the questions very well… “What are the “Elgin Marbles“? At the time I had no idea, and thought they were perhaps some rock formation in Central Australia. Approximately one year later I saw them for myself in Athens, Greece. Well, I saw what was left of them anyway. I was simply too young, with far too little life experience to stand a chance.

But, hey! It’s a decade later and I’m practically 30 now! I’ve even managed to win a few bottles of wine and a six pack of Passionfruit UDLs at the local trivia night. Sure, those were for coming second last… but let’s not quibble over minor details!

In a flurry of activity, I applied for ‘The Price is Right’ and ‘Deal or No Deal’ mere moments after my sister set the challenge. My “25 words or less” included some desperate desire to hug Larry Emdur (I figure they’ll eat that up with a spoon). I have already committed to wearing something ridiculous if I make it to the audience… An “I ♥ Larry” shirt perhaps?

As for Deal, I will happily fork out for the airfare to Melbourne if I make it through. Maybe Andrew O’Keefe (AKA AOK) will remember me from that time Juliette, Anita and I applauded generously during his flopped TV pilot that never made it to air? (refer pic).

So far, no call-back 😦

My grandad, Ken Eccleston, made a name for himself as Australia’s first ‘Mr Pick-a-Box’ in the late 1950s. Among his many prizes were a diamond ring and a car. With his winnings he managed to practically furnish their entire house at a time when, with two young daughters (including my Mum), they desperately needed it. Since then, his sons (my uncles) have competed with varying levels of success on shows like Jeopardy and Millionaire. Surely our TV screens are due another Eccleston descendant?!

So, with that, I offered up the following “25 words or less”:

“My grandad, Ken Eccleston, was Australia’s first ‘Mr Pick-a-Box’ on the famous 1950s Bob Dyer show. I plan to carry on the family legacy!”

I am lucky enough to have a job that would give me the flexibility to attend an audition should I receive a call-back (right, Dad?) All that’s left is to wait impatiently by the phone.

Wish me luck!

Care to test my pop quiz skills? Hit me up with a question in the comments and I promise not to google it!