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The Music Man(da)

The Music Man(da)

List item number 21, submitted by my cousin Mitch, requires that I learn how to play a musical instrument. Holy Bon Jovis! My family don’t do things by halves do they?

You can probably guess that I don’t already have some secret musical talent hidden away. I’ve never learned more than the recorder… unless you count my acoustic guitar repertoire, which consists of the ‘Inspector Gadget’ theme and ‘Suicide is Painless’ (AKA the ‘Mash’ theme), both of which I taught myself using tabs, and neither of which I remember in their entirety.

About a year and a half ago I got SUPER bored and decided I would give singing lessons a whirl. I’d noticed a little flyer taped to a telegraph pole and I thought it might be a laugh. Turns out it’s a massive laugh – usually at my expense – but I still love it! I’ve been going on and off since then and I can definitely hear an improvement. Nevertheless, I still wouldn’t dare assault anyone’s ears with it (apart from my singing teacher who gets paid for the privilege).

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