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2012: Retrospecticus

2012: Retrospecticus

What a year!

I may well say this every year, but this time it’s definitely true – the past year has been the biggest, the most life-changing of any of my 29 years on the planet so far (if you exclude being born).

The year kicked off well as I became an aunty for the very first time to the cutest little munchkin that ever lived. The down times included spending far too much on hospital car parking… but I’d do it all again just to hear that “It’s not cancer!” news one more time. A highlight was of course saying “Yes!” to the man of my dreams, as well as celebrating a number of beautiful weddings and exciting engagements (taking notes all the time). I embarrassed myself on national television, kept the family business afloat while my parents lived it up in Europe, and ticked off 13 challenges from my ‘Top 30 Countdown‘ list!


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