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Lisa: Maggie, come to the one you love best…

Today marks the halfway point in my ‘No TV Challenge‘. Although the challenge, set by my dastardly friend Tracey, offered me the option of splitting it into two single months rather than one long, consecutive stretch, I want to get this baby over and done with!

My old favourite, Neighbours, started back this week and of course I wasn’t there to see it. Thankfully, due to the joys of that other time-sucker (the Internet) I have a pretty good idea of what’s going on. Nevertheless, I do feel more than slightly compelled to break my TV ban – just for the day – to catch up on the Ramsay street antics.

But I won’t.

No, I shall remain strong.

Wonka No TV

Are you surprised that I’ve managed to last this long without TV? I find it completely out of character that I’ve barely even complained! (At least, compared to my usual level of complaining). Perhaps I didn’t love television so much after all…

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