Two blog posts in one day? It better be something good!

Oh, it’s good alright. Great even.


At least.

I got an interesting phone call today. I was standing in the post office… which is probably my least favourite place to be. Worse than the dentist and the doctor’s surgery put together. Anyone who has been to my local post office will know that it is a place most people would rather avoid. It’s because of the people who run the place. I consider myself lucky if I get out of there having only dealt with the surly, Moe Szyslak-impersonating woman instead of the leering, condescending man who creepily confiscates women’s drivers licences for excessive periods of time and refuses to return them unless you “smile”. Gross.

Anyway, I digress. The phone call was a good phone call, and it pretty much compensates me for the next year’s worth of post office visits.

“Who was calling?” I hear you ask impatiently. (You really can be rude sometimes, do you know that?)

Anyway, it was Eddie McGuire of course!

Okay, not really, it was one of his henchmen. But I couldn’t care less because, guess what?

I’m going to be a millionaire!

Yes, after auditioning back in April,  I have been officially offered a spot on ‘Millionaire Hotseat’!

In mid August, well in the throes of thirtydom, my darling fiancé and I will be whisked away to Melbourne to enjoy a night of luxury before I, once again, embarrass myself on national television!

I’m nervous because I’m not very good at these things. I have managed to fool people into thinking I’m relatively smart. Really, I just have lots of really loud opinions. It’s not the same thing, I can assure you. I’m as vague as blondes get – and that’s not great when you’ve only got 4 choices in front of you and at least two are “maybes”. It also doesn’t help that my family are furiously competitive and will no doubt ridicule me mercilessly if I get a question wrong.

I’m sorry the card says MOOPS.

But, whatever. A girl can dream and I’m choosing to dream BIG! A million dollars will go a long way towards the wedding, a home larger than a shoebox and tickets to see the Knicks dribble all over their opponents at Madison Square Garden next season.

Besides, intellect is only one piece of the puzzle. Clearly it’s more important if you can suck up to Eddie and decode all his “tells”.

I hope the universe came bearing you good news today too!


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    • I’m pretty much relying on Eddie to give me the answer… Do you know his “tells” in detail? Like, what are the words he uses when you’re on the wrong track?

  1. I must be psycho. I felt it in my waters earlier this week that you would be getting the call up. Truly. Anyway that was because I was actually watching the show which is rare. he definitely helps the ones he likes and locks in a wrong answer quickly if he isn’t fussed on you. He doesn’t like cocky types, not that you are one of those. Anyway exciting..He will love the fact you are getting married during the next month and the proposal was on the challenge list. he will love you.

    • Ooh freaky! Can you get back to me the week of with all the correct answers to the questions?!

      I truly believe that sucking up is the key. And, of course, milking the impending nuptials!

  2. He always says “are you suuuurree?” if you’re wrong. So that’s when you go “No. Lock in B instead” at the last minute and he acts all surprised that you changed your mind seemingly randomly. But yeah, if he doesn’t like you he’ll just lock that sucker in.

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