A win, a sin, and a guilt trip from Gandhi

A win, a sin, and a guilt trip from Gandhi

This morning when I woke up I was greeted by an email informing me that I’d won the lottery.

I know what you’re thinking, “It’s a scam, beware!”

That was my first thought too. After all, I had just spent two full days exploring Delhi and I’d been approached by more than my fair share of scammers in those past 48 hours. From a taxi driver who took money for parking and then parked on the street, to the 2500% mark-up for foreigners at the main tourist attractions, and the tuk tuk driver who flat out refused to use the meter because it would be “more expensive” for us, I’m always on my toes for the next scam.

But, you know, I do like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, and emails informing me of my lotto wins should be no different. Sometimes – not very often – but sometimes, we are rewarded for being so trusting.

And this email was the real deal.

I think I mentioned recently that I’d purchased some tickets in the lottery with the hopes of winning big and making it to New York with courtside tickets to a Knicks game. I started off with Powerball, but more recently switched to the good old Saturday Lotto, buying enough tickets to last me for the duration of my trip to India.

As with most things these days, I bought the tickets online (after signing up to an online Tatts account). So, unlike every “lotto win” email I’d received before, this one had a headstart on the realism – for the sole reason that I had actually bought some tickets in the lotto in the first place.

And win it I did!

So, here I am, far from home, rejoicing in my win, wondering what to do with all this money that’s been automatically transferred to my lotto account…

Then suddenly it all comes crashing down, thanks to none other than Mohandas Gandhi himself.

After spending the early part of the morning basking in the glory of the big win, we ventured out into Delhi again to see some more sights. We made our way through the sweltering heat to visit Gandhi’s tomb at Raj Ghat. The tomb can be found in a walled area of a huge botanical garden, along with the tombs of a number of other peaceful leaders. As is customary, we respectfully removed our shoes. As is not customary, we hid them in the marigolds to avoid the queue for the shoe storage.

Just inside the walls we found a stone inscribed with Gandhi’s “Seven Social Sins”, the second being (sadly) “Wealth without work”.


Way to lay on the guilt Gandhi! Here I am trying to enjoy my first ever lotto win and you’re telling me it’s a sin!

Then again, I suppose with my commitment to “live and work abroad” here, perhaps I should consider this my just deserts for working while on holiday?

Yes, that’s what it is. It’s my reward and I have earned it. There is no sin here.

And if there is no sin, that means I can enjoy it!

Should I go to New York? Should I blow it all on my wedding? Should I buy a new house, car, boat? Whatever I spend it on, it has to be something spectacular. I’ve never won the lotto before so I’m not sure how it all works! It’s all very exciting and overwhelming, and I guess what I’m saying is – I need your help.

Tell me, how would you spend the $11.70?!


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