My Top 30 Inspirational Friends and Family (21-30)

My Top 30 Inspirational Friends and Family (21-30)

After spending yesterday and the day before explaining why I find the first twenty contributors to the Top 30 Challenge list so inspiring, it would be remiss of me not to go on and do the same for the final ten people!

Here are the 21st-30th friends and family who responded to my call to action (ranked in order of the fastest to respond):

  1. Mitch D (Cousin): Learn to play a musical instrument
    Mitch represents my Dad’s side of the family on this list. Regrettably, we don’t spend as much time with this side as we should. Geographical factors have played their role in that, but Mitch is probably the one who makes the biggest effort to keep those ties strong and, despite the distance, I feel like Mitch and I share the most similarities. I admire Mitch for his family values and his sharp wit.
  2. Dom P (School friend): Be pushed on a swing
    The quality I admire most in Dom is that he is a “giver” who almost never asks anything in return. His most inspiring quality, however, is his willingness to open himself up to critique and judgement by sharing his art with the rest of the World. There’s nothing braver than exposing your soul like that. I hope I can channel Dom when I finish my book and actually show it to somebody!
  3. Tara B (School friend): Watch the 100 greatest movies of all time (according to imdb)
    Way back in primary school, Tara and I built our fantasy future in a jointly owned and run pre-school. Tara is now literally living the dream as a Primary School teacher. We both had some amazing teachers growing up, and her willingness to pay that forward inspires me to consider one day doing the same myself. If I do, I know who I’ll be going to for advice!
  4. Dave P (Work friend): Write a book
    Dave is probably the most adventurous person I know. We don’t see each other much these days, but whenever we do he’s always ready to regale me with tales of his most recent antics. Apart from his enviable sills as a raconteur, the thing that inspires me most about Dave is his immense creativity and ability to turn the smallest thing into an opportunity for fun and silliness.
  5. Roslyn L (Aunty): Host a dinner party using 3 of your most loved foods and 3 of your most disliked foods
    My family jokingly call my Aunty Ros “Bossy Rossy”. As the eldest of 6 she spent her early life helping to wrangle the other five into some semblance of order. Really, she’s still doing it to this day and, jokes aside, I’ve always been inspired by her selflessness and willingness to step up and take the reigns to the benefit of all. It’s often a thankless job, but she does it anyway because that’s just how she rolls.
  6. Chris J (School friend): Spend a weekend alone in silence – no TV, internet, iPhone, etc – to think, reflect, pray, whatever it is you do
    Chris’s “good influence” in my life (from primary school to uni) has always inspired me to put that big pile of mush in my skull to good use. Doing well at school was a strength for me, but spending the whole time chasing Chris from at least two steps behind is what made it a fun challenge.
  7. Sandy L (Sister-in-Law): Live without a fridge for 7 days
    Sandy is the personification of selflessness. Before she commenced the ultimate act of selflessness (having a baby), she dedicated herself to social work and helping to rebuild impoverished communities. Did I mention that she did all this while managing to rack up an enviable collection of passport stamps?
  8. Kayne M (Work friend): Spend your entire week’s wage on a night out
    Kayne and I met while working at the retail chain ‘Best & Less’ and he’s the kind of person I would love to travel overseas with (although I’ve never had the opportunity). I guess that’s because he is so spontaneous. Spontaneity is a quality I greatly admire, being such a methodical forward-thinker myself. I’m looking forward to throwing caution (and a bunch of money) to the wind with him very soon.
  9. James B (Uni friend): Participate in a photo shoot on the rocks of a beach dressed as Ariel from ‘The Little Mermaid’
    In this modern world it seems you don’t even need to see someone in person to be inspired by them. James and I met at uni but since then it’s been a Facebook-only friendship. Over the years I’ve enjoyed living vicariously through him – from appearing as a crazy Australian Idol contestant to creating the ‘Chk-Chk Boom’ remix and embarrassing the Q&A panel (amongst MANY other ridiculous antics) James has created something of a social media empire for himself.
  10. Myself: Release
    I guess I don’t find myself inspirational, but I am proud to be halfway through this list of challenges. I’ve stuck with it and I’m going to see it through to the end – and that makes me feel like I can do just about anything I want in life. Bring on the next 30 years and the 30 after that!

Andy recently suggested that I get started on my ‘Top 40 before 40’ list. That would be great because it would mean I could ask another whole group of friends and family who inspire me to contribute to my list! Certainly there were many who were excluded this time around because, as you can clearly see, I’m surrounded by inspirational people!

Where do you get your inspiration?

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  1. *blush*. My biggest fear heading into this is that I would be dead last. So glad I’m not. You only have 4 months to learn to read music and to learn the subtle complexities of playing a musical instrument. Better get cracking!

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