My Top 30 Inspirational Friends and Family (11-20)

My Top 30 Inspirational Friends and Family (11-20)

After yesterday’s post about my inspirational friends and family, it’s time to talk about a few more. As you know well by now, when I started this ‘Top 30 Challenge’, I explained that I did not set these challenges for myself. Instead I went to “30 of my most inspirational friends and family” and asked them to do the challenging instead!

Here are the 11th-20th friends and family who responded to my call to action (ranked in order of the fastest to respond):

  1. Anita B (School friend): Swim with sharks
    Anita has been inspiring me since we met at the age of 6. Even from that young age, Anita was marching to the beat of her own drum (and taking a lot of eager followers with her – myself included). I admire Anita most for her self-possession and individuality.
  2. Cheryl R (Aunty) Go to a St George Dragons game – Cheering and general hoon behaviour is expected
    I don’t know whether it’s just inspiring, or also a little bit embarrassing, that my aunty can smash me (and I mean OBLITERATE me) at any form of aerobic exercise. I hope to one day catch up!
  3. Ally S (Future Sister-in-Law): Go wakeboarding
    My wonderful future sister-in-law is one of the sunniest people you could meet. Much like her brother, she excels at anything she puts her mind to, partially because she is innately talented at most things, but also because she’ll confidently have a go at anything. I just hope that in sharing a last name I can inherit some of these amazing qualities.
  4. Tracey SJ (School friend and ex housemate): Don’t watch TV… at all for 2 months
    There are many ways in which Tracey inspires me. The most important way is probably the way she inspires me to overcome my inner demons and be my best self. My favourite way, however, is the way she inspires me to add a little ridiculousness to my life. From a balloon shower to a “singing” broom, Tracey has brought a hell of a lot of fun to my life and inspired me to pay that fun forward to others (namely through the introduction of ‘Champagne Friday’ to a whole new set of housemates). I just hope she’s still got the energy for it when we’re packed off to a nursing home together.
  5. Patricia T (School friend and ex housemate): Host a homemade McDonald’s dinner party
    It is Pat’s optimistic outlook on life that inspires me most. Whenever I am feeling sad or down, she’s the first person I want to hang out with. She has this ability to somehow inject her happy-go-lucky energy into you, no matter what you were feeling before. It is impossible to be unhappy in Pat’s presence.
  6. Shelley L (Cousin): Court-side tickets at Madison Square Garden
    Shelley is one of those people who seems to have a boundless source of positive energy. She is more than a cousin to me: a friend, certainly, and practically a sister. She inspires me with her ability to see the best in every situation. The best part, though, is that positivity comes more in the form of a “HELL YEAH!” than a simple “Isn’t that nice?”
  7. Emily H (School friend): Volunteer at Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary
    Emily has always been a very passionate person and she chooses to divert this passion into very worthy pursuits. Emily is a community-minded thinker and the kind of person who really will “think globally and act locally”. Because of her inborn leadership qualities, she inspires plenty of others to do the same.
  8. Peter T (Overseas exchange friend): Live and work abroad
    In another life, I might have liked to have been a journalist. Pete is living this dream. I’ve always been inspired by the way he’s worked towards his passion. When we met, we were both uni students. Even then I knew he was destined for great journalistic things, and other exhangers may also remember crowding into the elevator to read the latest edition of Peter’s hilarious Traveldodge newspaper.
  9. Claire L (Little sis) : Compete on a game show
    I probably don’t say it often enough (or at all), but my little sister is a regular source of inspiration to me. She is affectionate, hard-working and generous with her time. Recently, I was very excited to hear she’d booked herself onto a tour of the USA – flying solo for the first time. I know she’s a little nervous about it, which is what makes me so proud of her for doing it. I can’t wait to hear about her exciting adventures!
  10. Sarah J (Ex roomie): Share one last weekend with the Canada girls in your twenties
    Sarah and I share a love of the English language and she’s always been one of my biggest supporters when it comes to writing. One reason I admire Sarah is that, where I have turned my passion into fairly selfish pursuits, she’s turned hers into a selfless teaching career. I am envious of the students who have Sarah as their teacher and I’m sure her classes will inspire plenty more English lovers!

It’s true, I am the luckiest girl alive to have all of these wonderful people in my life.

A big shout-out to my little bro on his birthday. How did he celebrate? By jumping out of a plane of course! (That’s just how we roll in this family).


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