Television, I hereby promise to never leave you again

Television, I hereby promise to never leave you again

After two full months of television avoidance I can now say that I am officially back on the juice!

My 1-year-old nephew helped me break the drought yesterday morning when he was chewing on the remote and accidentally turned on the TV. Upon the realisation that I could (finally) watch TV again, I came rushing to the lounge – toy zebra in arms  and eyes glued to the screen.

TV Time

They were showing ‘Family Ties’, which seemed rather apt.

My brother and his family are visiting from across the border… to… *SPOILER ALERT* finish teaching me and my sister how to SCUBA dive, as well as celebrate our Mum’s birthday. As you can imagine, it’s been go-go-go since we all arrived at our parents’ place, so there hasn’t been much time for the old boob tube.

Nevertheless, I managed to catch up on a weekend replay of the most recent ‘My Kitchen Rules’ episode. Rest assured that I am now completely up to speed on just how irritating those “Spice Girls” are. (And they call me a fussy eater! Wowsers!)

I can’t tell you how excited I am to hit up Season 3 of Downton Abbey tonight, and The Walking Dead next week.

How’s my timing? Boo yeah!

Then, of course, there’s Neighbours tomorrow. Can you believe that Sarah is back in town? OMG I’m beside myself 😉

In truth, I haven’t missed TV too much. I’ve been too busy to miss it (plus I artfully timed it so that my favourite shows would not be carrying on without me). You might be surprised how much people talk about TV – online and just in general conversation – so I’ve stayed on top of what’s going on in the small screen world without even having to switch it on.

He’ll probably kill me for saying this, but Andy even reenacted a whole YouTube clip for me one night just so I wouldn’t have to wait to see it. There is, clearly, more than one way to skin a cat!

Then, of course, there is the quoting. I quote TV without even knowing it so it really has been right there in my pocket for the past two months. For example, my laptop was playing up on me yesterday so I exclaimed “Damn you, McGarnagle” (which isn’t a quote as such, but definitely a throwback to the good old Simpsons):

McGarnagle: Now tell them what you saw Billy.
Billy Corgan: But I’m so scared McGarnagle.
McGarnagle: You’ve gotta do this one for me Billy, McGarnagle.
Billy Corgan: Okay for you McGarnagle.
Chief Wiggum: [later] Well McGarnagle, Billy is dead! They slit his throat from ear to ear.
McGarnagle: Hey I’m trying to eat lunch here!

After dinner last night the family graciously caught me up on what’s been happening on YouTube (which, though technically not part of the challenge, always seemed like cheating to me). Since I’m usually slow to find out what’s happening on YouTube, I had a lot of catching up to do. With that in mind, I rushed towards the lately-missed opportunity as if the house were on fire (I didn’t grab no shoes or nuttin’ Jesus!)

The challenge has been… well… a challenging one… Like spending 2 months in a cheap foreign hotel where the TV stares, unwatched, from the corner as soon as you realise there’s nothing on in your language. As much as I didn’t really miss it too much, it did create a few antisocial moments. Then again, it also freed up a lot of time, which I desperately needed. It forced me to start my book, it allowed me to sew some more Mandii Designs, and of course I watched stacks more movies (14 in fact)!

I’m grateful to my friend Tracey for Top 30 Countdown List item number 14 and for giving me a broader perspective on how I can best spend my downtime. I think, though, that I’m far more grateful that she set a perfect Summer-non-ratings-period duration and didn’t also say “no internet”.

At the time I began the challenge, Tracey vowed to complete it with me. I’m not sure whether she held up her end of that bargain but I’m very proud to say that I did. That’s my 16th challenge ticked off, which means I’m officially past the halfway point with no turning back!

I’m going to go and hug the TV and promise to never leave it again. Feel free to share your favourite YouTube clip in the comments!


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    • Yes! When everyone else in the room wants to watch TV it’s hard to sit there with your back to it or reading a magazine. Andy was upset that he couldn’t watch TV because of me too (not that I ever said he couldn’t – but it does make things awkward in a small flat). Try going without TV for 2 months and you’ll see what I mean!

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