Guest Post: Masterchef eat your heart out

Guest Post: Masterchef eat your heart out

By Roslyn L.

Amanda has explained why I may have come up with the challengeHost a dinner party using 3 of your most loved foods and 3 of your most disliked foods”  in her blogs of 5 July and 10 Jan and if I had actually carefully read those blogs before she surprised me with the idea that I was to be one of the invited guests, I wouldn’t have been so apprehensive about what I was to face for dinner on Saturday night.

To be frank coming up with a challenge didn’t come easily to me but once I had dug into the recesses of memory and recalled the uneaten pumpkin at many a roast dinner and her refusal to eat beautiful fresh king prawns at the Gold Coast one Easter, a light came on.  Yes that would be it, with a ‘sweetener’ if you will pardon the pun, by allowing three of her most favourite foods with three of her most disliked.  I pictured her dinner party being hosted at Dulwich Hill with her friends being served a mishmash of assorted foods, you know something like a bowl of smarties being served alongside a dozen oysters.

But the dinner party was held last night at her mother’s home at Terrigal where six of us had gathered for a get together.  Driving down from Port Macquarie, I decided that if I was served something like brussels sprouts with coriander sauce or something like that, I would just wash it all down with a nice sauv blanc.  How silly of me, it wasn’t about my most disliked foods was it?

But Masterchef eat your heart out (not literally, yuk offal!).  All three courses were plated up beautifully and looked delicious.  Please explain. Where were the mysterious disliked foods?

Entree- Amanda loves garlic bread and dislikes olives and anchovies.  So she made a bruschetta with a lovely tapenade where the saltiness perfectly balanced the tomato and Spanish onion. A stroke of genius!

Garlic Bruscetta with Olive Tapenade

Main- Salmon quiche.  She loves quiche.  What could be in this that she disliked we wondered.  Soft cheese she announced triumphantly, brie which was heavily disguised but added a creamy flavour to the quiche.  Brilliant!

Leek and Brie Quiche

Dessert – Would the pudding be black as threatened?  Thank goodness it was a parfait brimming with fruit, custard, cream and topped with a little sugary doughnut.  I thought we might be served Christmas pudding, fruitcake or minced pies.  Oh how the Lohans dislike those!  But she reminded me that she doesn’t like trifle either although I recall it being a Christmas staple at her place which I thought was their replacement for the aforementioned dried fruit sweets.  Amanda thinks that jelly, custard and cream are just three hospital foods piled carelessly on top of each other.  I now suspect that the Cadbury chocolate stocking must have been her dessert source at Christmas.  The trifle parfait last night was attractive and delicious and we all loved it with one possible exception, although she did manage more than a trifle share of it.

Doughnut Trifle

I think Amanda surpassed this challenge as she didn’t have to swallow disliked foods with a grimace just to tick the box.  She reinvented them into something appetising not just for her guests but for herself too.  As George Calombaris would say, ‘for this challenge you scored a………………………………………………………………………………………………………………ten!’

Call me fussy but I’m so glad she didn’t resort to that black pudding!

What did you think of Roslyn’s contribution to the list? Let us know in the comments below!


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