Guest Post: We aren’t all built for adventure

Guest Post: We aren’t all built for adventure

By Bronwyn L.

About 15 years ago now, I was one of a group of Mums who decided to do something very silly and a little bit daring……..we had a pyjama party morning tea! We had to drive to one friend’s place in our pyjamas with mudpacks on our faces. We then ate and played some games, including Scruples, and spoke of plans for other daring adventures. One of the suggestions made at the time was to go away for a weekend, turning up at the airport with just a handbag and credit card and then to go on a shopping spree to buy what we needed plus a little bit more.

At the time, with four children aged between 8 and 16, my life had largely revolved around meeting family needs for some time. So the pyjama party morning tea, while silly in hindsight, did have a little touch of adventure to it and we all had fun. Having married at 20 and become a Mum at 22, I had not had much opportunity to be adventurous. The idea we discussed of travelling away for a weekend completely unencumbered sounded like great fun, with a touch of mystique and daring about it, not to mention self-indulgence!

Well, life goes on and we never acted on the idea. Although I have done quite a bit of travelling since, it has always been planned. So that is why I suggested the idea to Amanda as one of her challenges. I thought it was a manageable adventure and she might even take me along for the ride.

Well sometimes, reality is quite different to the dream. As it turned out, Amanda took Andy along instead of me (I guess a fiance trumps a Mum!). They ended up going to the Gold Coast where they had been just a few weeks earlier. Turning up at the airport without a pre-booked ticket means that you end up paying a lot more for the flight which is bound to take the wind out of your sails a bit. They are saving for a wedding so a shopping spree wasn’t on the agenda. And then, wearing the same clothes for a couple of days isn’t that enjoyable, probably more reminiscent of a time when luggage failed to show up after a flight. They had a nice time but it wasn’t the least bit adventurous.

So maybe some dreams should just stay as romantic ideas after all. And maybe someone who gets married at 20 and then has four kids isn’t really the adventurous type anyway.

What did you think of Bronwyn’s contribution to the list? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. On the contrary Mrs L, I always envied your family for having a very adventurous lifestyle. I can’t tell you how jealous I was when I heard you were going to Europe and Amanda had already been to Disneyland! Amanda’s family is always planning weekends away full of Amazing Race challenges, filming fun horror movies, filmclips, ‘year in review’s…The most my family can achieve is to bring their own meat to a BBQ! If you taught Amanda that dreams aren’t as romantic as the reality I’m sure she would never have lived in Canada or Mexico or toured Scotland with a Scotland on a motorbike.

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself! I certainly *felt* adventurous on our Goldie excursion – it beats staying at home and staring at the still-unpainted walls! 😀

      • Well said girls! Bronwyn, I don’t think you’re giving yourself enough credit! Living in France and having many a European holiday is certainly adventurous and your family has an incredible sense of adventure. I say keep the romantic notion of dreams alive, the ideas alone can bring so much happiness 🙂

  2. Adventurous? Let me count the ways…. Ziplining in Queenstown NZ; Snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef; Glacier exploring in Switzerland; Salt mine exploring in Austria; Elephant and bullock riding in Thailand; beating off pickpockets in Paris; Tramping across the wilds of England for 7 days; Braving the Carrick-a-reed bridge in Northern Ireland; Losing your children in two (count ’em two) separate countries outside of Australia; Starting a gruelling course of tertiary study in adult life while managing a household; Shopping in the Galleries de Lafayette in Paris; Deciding to live in France for a couple of months while speaking little French; Standing up to loud-mouthed yanks who like to steal chairs during cruise-ship sail-away parties; Marrying me at 20; Having 4 children; and having not one but three jobs at a time – two of which are your own business and successful ones at that. No, you’re not the adventurous type at all. You really ought to take a few more risks.

  3. Well, Mum, you must have had even more adventure than me then.
    Thanks TS and Rach for your lovely comments.
    As for you KLo, you are the biggest adventure of all.

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