Guest Post: Whats good for the goose isn’t good for the Manda

Guest Post: Whats good for the goose isn’t good for the Manda

By Emily H.

Projection is a part of life. We all do it. Even you. You must. Because I do.

We want to “kill” someone at work – suddenly the window washer at the lights is a serial killer looking for unlocked doors.

We have a bad relationship break up and even the cashier at the petrol station is a misogynistic asshole.

Ok so maybe this is paranoia more than projection but you get the point….

My experience of projection (this time at least) involves a challenge, an old school mate, animals once destined for the butchers block and a small fortune of manure. Now before you get to assuming I have some sort of kinky fetish, let me explain……

Amanda and I both attended the same girls high school and shared many a laugh and art class (the trauma of which is (not quite) contained here) and after recently co-organising a boozy 10 year reunion together she sent me an email asking for challenges for her 30th year on the planet.

The power was immense…. What would you do if someone asked you for a challenge?

Being a vegan (pause for collective groan and comments about the emotional sensitivity of carrots) I do enjoy any opportunity to put my tofu-fuelled brain to good use and try to entice/coerce/convert those I love and admire.

Far be it for me to look a gift horse in the mouth I decided to send her to Edgar’s Mission, an animal sanctuary located North-West of Melbourne for some good ole volunteering! This trip has been on my bucket list since I found out about the place so I decided to throw Amanda in the deep end and kill two birds with one stone. I would get a review of the place via Amandas blog and I would get some super vegan soy-brownie points by basically bullying someone to go help animals…Win-win!!

I was also hoping it would incite some thought provoking, life changing moments…or… at the very least some nice “why-would-you-wanna-eat-me” cuddles from warm fluffy little critters. My aim was not to torture her so much as start a conversation within the lesser known BBQ Cortex of her brain.

Unfortunately Edgars Mission had other plans.

My visions of fluffy-wuffy duckies and cuddly lambs and sweet little pigs were replaced with hundreds of square meters of pooped on shed floor. All for her volunteering pleasure.

Unfortunately she’d brought along her beloved husband-to-be for the caked-on-shit ride!

This mission was unintentionally merciless. And potentially romantically damaging to their future nuptials…..


My contact with Amanda went eerily quiet after her super special Emily Challenge.

Not due to her mind you. My disappointment was deep. I had always dreamed Edgar’s Mission to be the place that meat-free utopian futures were made of. Where visions of soy lattes would dance in their heads….

I was bereft for a few reasons namely that the Ed Missionaries job-bestowing angels hadn’t guided her to a more romantic aspect of animal husbandry. Moreover, didn’t they realise they had a blogger in their midst? An intrepid reporter who could slay them with one click of the Enter key?? It also seemed like a tour design flaw to do yucky work before the soul stirring tour that will encourage you to do said work.

Thankfully for me, Edgar’s Mission and animal lovers at large Amanda is kind-hearted and a good sport and wrote graciously about her time there even if she didn’t want to stick around around and take the tour smelling of poop. It even got her exploring the reality of meat production and free range farming.

She even got a free show. Ironically it was a cockfight……

What did you think of Emily’s contribution to the list? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. Hope the poop trauma has subsided for you Amanda… or at the very least…..been flushed.
    I really admore you for doing all these challenges with such honesty, energy and enthusiasm. You rock!

    To readers of “The Top 30 Countdown”:
    Please feel free to click through folks to Edgar’s Mission ( ) and check out all the good they do for the forgotten animals of Australia.

    We really do have a broken machine when animals have different law protection depending on their location…. in Australia the animals we choose to keep as pets have more legal protection than the hundreds of thousands of those we intensively farm. A backyard chook has more rights than one in a battery farm. Location, location location…
    Someone hitting a dog with a stick is more likely to be charged for animal cruelty than someone hitting a sheep or a cow. I am sure they feel it just as much as the dog.

    This is where sanctuaries like Edgar’s Mission come in to provide refuge and care for animals ‘downed’ (ie injured) on their way to slaughter, those malnourished or abused on farms or those simply abandoned, lost or orphaned by the cruel systems that bred them.

    Step back from all aspects of your life (food, clothing, media, relationships, behaviours, EVERYTHING!) and take a look at WHY you do these things and whether you really know all you should about them.
    If the products or services you use dont sit in line with your ethics then you -and only you- have the free will (and hopefully the chutzpah) to follow through and cut out whats not right.
    Dont be afraid to look.
    Change is scary but ignorance is horrifying.

    *scraaaaape* -pushes soapbox to one side.

    That is all.

    • Well said Em! I certainly don’t put enough day-to-day thought into what I consider to be utterly cruel behaviour. I’m no animal lover but I’m sure I inadvertently commit the exact same atrocities I abhor in others. Good on you for sharing your message!

      • Thanks Love… I do get passionate about people seeking to self educate about the choices they make and not just about food.
        How much of what we do is just coz thats how we’ve “always been” or “mum and dad did it”?
        hmmmmm… so much to explore!

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