Destination unknown

Destination unknown

Tomorrow, Andy and I will tackle list item number 4, ‘Catch a flight somewhere random at the last minute with just your handbag and a credit card‘. It was Andy’s birthday on Monday, so this is his birthday gift from me and, indirectly, from my Mum, who set me the challenge. Whether it is a great gift… or Canberra… remains to be seen.

I should point out that I don’t have a problem with Canberra. We visited there once when I’d won a hotel stay and we couldn’t afford a flight. We visited Cockington Green (a miniaturists wonderland) and even a winery. We had a good time. Thing is, I’m seeking adventure this time, and a brief flight into the ACT just isn’t going to cut it.

Then again, with our limited available time and VERY limited budget, I suspect we may have to revise our expectations down a little.

It’s times like these that I wish I lived in London, or somewhere similarly well-placed to hop a flight to an exotic destination in a matter of just a couple of hours. I’ve already BEEN everywhere within reasonable flying distance of Sydney. Although I love this sunburned country and its amazing sights, there’s just not much “mystery” left in the concept of a “mystery flight” when you’ve already been there and done that.

Nevertheless, if nothing else, we will have the new experience of trotting up to an airport with nothing more than a spring in our step to set us on the path to our mini escape. The last time I turned up at the airport to travel without a flight waiting for me, it was because the dodgy Mexican airline, Aero California, had decided to take a siesta without giving me the heads up. (The ensuing process of trying to book an American Airlines flight to connect me to my next flight from LA was an expensive one I hope never to repeat).

Australia truly is a beautiful country with plenty of amazing sights to see. I’ve managed to see a great many of them in my 30 years. I’ve seen Uluru, Kata Tjuta, the Bungle Bungles (a personal favourite), Cable Beach, Port Arthur, Lake Argyle, the Gold Coast, Hunter Valley, Yarra Valley, 12 Apostles, Big Banana, Perisher, Bondi Beach and Sydney Harbour (of course), and this year – the Great Barrier Reef. I used to work right next to Botany Bay for crying out loud, and I regularly ran down there with the other crazy gym junkies to catch the early morning breeze on my “super tomato” face. Captain Cook eat your heart out.

Originally I had planned to draw the destination out of a hat and book the flight the night before. I’ve since been admonished by my mother and brother for copping out, so we’ll be taking the more adventurous route of literally just turning up at the airport and hoping for the best. This time tomorrow we’ll probably be scouring for a decent hotel to lay our weary heads after a long day of sightseeing, shopping, relaxing, hiking, swimming, shopping, bush dancing or sheep-dipping. The World is our “Big” Oyster.

So, we might not be boarding the Marrakesh Express or the Last Train to Clarksville tomorrow, but I’m sure one of the budget Aussie airlines will get us somewhere suitably interesting. Our interstate friends may even get a random message to say “We’re in the area!”

I hope you’ve got something fun planned for the weekend! If you could jet off anywhere for the weekend – where would you hope to land?


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      • Byron or maybe near noosa/caloundra… Whatever that airport is!! If I went west I think I’d poke both my eyes out! (but still SO much fun to be had in the west – just incase that’s where u go!!! Haha)

      • Lol yeah it’s a silly time to head inland when the weather is so amazing! Here’s hoping for somewhere beachy and peachy!

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