Guest Post: What happens in Bollywood, stays in Bollywood

Guest Post: What happens in Bollywood, stays in Bollywood

By Wendy G.

In this large, noisy family I’ve never really spent enough time individually with my nieces and nephews. However I am always ready to share with others my love and pride in the wonderful people they have become. I have taken for granted that they know how I feel.

I am incredibly impressed and inspired by the achievements of my beautiful goddaughter but have never really got around to letting her know.

In fact there is an awful lot of things that I don’t quite get around to doing (I don’t think I’m Robinson Crusoe in this regard). Life, work, friends, family etc etc always take up my thoughts and time.

When Amanda first put out her request for list suggestions it really got me thinking about what my goals were before I turned thirty…

I have since ticked off interesting and rewarding career, happy marriage, 2 gorgeous children, lovely home and travel to exotic places. I have been very lucky but the travelling got into my blood and I don’t think I will ever tire of finding a new country to explore. (This is almost a genetic requirement of being an Eccleston).

Just after I turned 30, my husband, Paul, and I planned a pre-settling down and pre-parenthood “round the world” trip. The first stop was supposed to be India, Nepal and then overland across the Middle East to Europe. Unfortunately Saddam Hussein, Kuwait and George Bush Snr had a bit of a disagreement called the (1st ) Gulf War. This wasn’t a huge problem (for us anyway, the Kuwaitis and Iraqis may disagree), we just headed East instead and visited North and South America. We had a great time and have fantastic memories but…

I think you can all see where this is heading… I never got to “do” India and Nepal. It seemed appropriate to put this forward as my contribution to “The List”.

Amanda and I agreed at the start that this was a big call to fit into her, now, very busy year. Luckily Amanda’s legal training kicked in by finding a loophole in the precise wording of the document. We agreed she could “book” a trip without actually following through. Who would have ever guessed that we would find a most unlikely ally… The Tax Department? … who, most generously, (Now there’s an adjective rarely applied to the ATO!) provided a healthy tax return this year to my niece. I received the email from Amanda explaining that the suggestee (is that a word?) usually gets invited to participate and would I like to go with her? It probably took me about 10 seconds to decide that I would absolutely love to come.

In the spirit of “The List” all objections have been overcome by Amanda’s flawless planning and organisation, holidays taken, tickets booked and paid for.

YES, YES, YES we’re going to the Taj Mahal, Amber Fort, flying around Mount Everest etc etc… My head is wobbling from side to side with excitement!!!!! (apologies for the racial stereotyping). We are travelling with “G” Adventures and staying at Hotel Perfect. Now if that isn’t Karma, what is?

And the very best thing is that I will actually get to spend significant time enjoying the company of my darling niece.

Anyone who has followed this blog cannot fail to be inspired by the way Amanda has approached every challenge with energy, humour and enthusiasm, determined to get the most out of every experience. I love you and I am so happy to be able to share this adventure with you.

I have only one rule…

“What happens in Bollywood… stays in Bollywood!”

What did you think of Wendy’s contribution to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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