Calm on down!

Calm on down!

Ok, so by now most of you have witnessed me making an absolute goose of myself on national television. I ummed and ahhed about posting the video to the blog but then I thought, “If a tree embarrasses itself in a forest and no one is there to see it… that’s kind of boring”.

So, for those yet to witness as I tick off list item number 19, ‘Compete on a Game Show’, please allow me to enlighten you…

Click here to see the video!

(Apologies for the dodgy quality of the footage – Andy was trying his best to keep his camera still while laughing at with me. Oh, and don’t mind the beeping – that’s just me receiving text messages from my many adoring fans during the show).

Now, a tiara and butt-kissing t-shirt is not my usual attire, but when in Rome, one must do as the bogans do. My inner bogan bubbles away happily near the surface so it was keen for an outing. Far be it for me to deny my inner bogan its chance to shine.

I may not know the price of a food processor, but I do know the price of fame. This experience has cost me whatever dignity I had left, but I really don’t care! I had an absolute blast and I know my sister Claire did too. I was always in it for the glory rather than the prizes anyway.

Tapings have finished for this year but I thoroughly urge you to consider trying it out yourselves next year… Just don’t forget to follow my expert tips on how to be selected as a contestant.

Did you guess the correct prices?


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    • Really? Well I think Cam the model was trying to give the audience the answer on one of the prizes in ‘Cliffhanger’! You can see him giving hand signals! I would never have guessed the showcase anyway – it’s almost impossible :/

  1. Oh I didn’t know about showcase and I turned it off after your initial ‘go’. Forgive me, I was at Coolangatta and off to a party. Where can I catch up or record the whole episode or is it too late?

    • A couple of people recorded the whole episode on Foxtel IQ, but I do t think you can transfer it to any other device. The video link on this page shows me competing though if you’re happy with a dodgy mobile phone recording!

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