Caught on tape!

Caught on tape!

Ok, so nobody uses tapes anymore… but I’m pretty sure I’ll be caught on a few digital recording devices when I appear on ‘The Price is Right’ at 5pm on Channel 7 tomorrow afternoon!

You will also catch my sister, looking suitably ridiculous in her matching tiara – fair punishment for sending me up there to my certain embarrassment!

I’m a bit disappointed that I won’t be home to see the big event myself. Instead, I’ll be at our building’s Annual General Meeting. If that doesn’t scream “old and depressing”, I’m not sure what does!

On the bright side, it means none of my neighbours will be home to watch me embarrass myself! (Also, they won’t know about the shiny binoculars I use to spy on them… just kidding! I gave them to Dad months ago and I’m fairly certain they’re just gathering dust at his house now instead of mine).

My progress on the ‘Top 30 Countdown’ is still going along swimmingly. I’ve relaxed on the running thing for a while due to the hectic nature of our social calendars, but I’m keen to get seriously cracking in the new year. My blogging has slowed down too, but I think that’s mainly because I haven’t had as much to say lately!

This weekend Andy and I both came down with illnesses. He seems to have worked himself into a cold (poor schmoopy), while I caught a serious case of WEDDING FEVER! Although we have been engaged since mid July, it wasn’t until this weekend that we finally got our families and wedding party together to officially celebrate.

Wedding Party

The beautiful Wedding Party pose together for the first time

As well, on Saturday I tried on my first ever wedding dress (if you don’t count the time I “nudged” too much red wine and tried to squeeze into my Mum’s!) It was a very unusual experience standing up on a podium in glamorous dress after glamorous dress. While I’ve never been a wallflower, I’m usually the centre of attention for all the wrong reasons. It’s amazing what these wedding dress designers can do. I’ve never been confident in my appearance (I am female after all) but with effusive praise from the shop assistant and plenty of bling to hide the imperfections, I think I actually felt genuinely pretty for the first time in my life! Here’s hoping Andy feels the same when I strut down the aisle in 299 days 🙂

All in all it was a fabulous and exciting weekend. I’m feeling my age a little, tired from all the partying and a little sore from trying on dresses (seriously! You men don’t know what we women put ourselves through for you!) While I am out being old and boring tomorrow and discussing concrete spalling and letterbox sizes, I hope you all enjoy watching as I make an absolute spectacle of myself.

Now, if you’ll excuse me… I’m off to watch my neighbours… I mean watch ‘Neighbours’!

Who’s going to record TPIR for me so I can watch it later?


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  1. I’m so ashamed of myself already! Someone at work has already “spotted” me jumping up and down like a fool in the audience of another episode. Just wait until I’m frantically yelling “$17!!!!” and looking like I’m about to cry.

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