Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.

I have committed the most mortal of blogging sins… I have left my poor little blog alone for a whole week!

But, as my mother always used to say… “If you don’t have anything interesting to blog, don’t blog anything at all”…

…or something to that effect (to be honest, I wasn’t really listening).

Really, though, life has been interesting of late, but not so interesting as to be anything to “write home about”, so to speak.

I’ve been sunning (read: sunburning) myself in Byron Bay, “Toolie” style, kicking up my heels at a stunning wedding, and otherwise working my butt off to try and meet some insanely tight work deadlines that are approaching with the rapidity of Christmas (but none of the promise of gifts and food).

This is, I suppose, is what they call “real life”.

Real life can often get in the way of adventure. While we are busy working away our Mondays to Fridays, it’s very easy to forget to actually live in between, cramming in epic weekend adventures to temporarily allow us to forget that Monday is, once again, fast approaching.

It’s also very easy to forget to blog.

Truth be told, I have made little progress towards my “Top 30” goals this week. Apart from running (just the once!) in the past week, the only other thing I’ve managed to do is part with a fistful of cash to resit my scuba eLearning.

As an eLearning designer myself, I struggled with the PADI program the first time around. It is clumsy and a little outdated. More importantly, however, it takes about 8 hours to complete. I think I got about a third of the way through before my brother (and scuba instructor) moved to Melbourne, leaving me high – somewhat dry – and just a little relieved that I wouldn’t have to complete the eLearning anytime soon!

Despite the fact that my brother is an instructor, the scuba licence challenge was actually set by my father. Or, “Dad”, as I prefer to call him.

Along with both of my brothers, Dad is a big fan of the pastime, and I suppose the idea has always been that if my sister and I can get our licences then one day we might all be able to dive together (Mum is yet to be convinced, but peer pressure is a wonderful thing). Andy, too, has his licence, and I’m sure he was more than a little disappointed when he had to revert to the old snorkel routine on our recent trip to Cairns.

I was originally sold on the idea, but I do have my doubts that it’s the pastime for me. For one thing, I have this irrational fear of dark water which means, for example, I could be in a backyard pool at night and it will suddenly pop into my head that sharks have probably swum through the filter and will now attempt to eat me. Even snorkeling with a real, live shark was a cinch compared to the murky waters of an unlit pool!

I’m not the World’s most confident swimmer either, as I’d always planned to marry Ian Thorpe and I hardly wanted to outshine my husband. True story.

More inconvenient still, I often experience difficulty breathing, which I’m sure would create some serious trouble underwater. (It’s usually because my mouth is full of food… but you can eat while scuba diving, right?)

Ah, but I joke.

The truth is, I want to learn to scuba dive because it will mean getting to hang out with my big brother for a couple of days and see him in his element – doing what he loves.

In other words, attempting to drown both of his sisters in the pool simultaneously.

Have you tried scuba diving? Would you recommend it?


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  1. Yes I have tried it and highly recommend it. Nothing compares to the thrill of seeing life underwater – really underwater – not that snorkelling drivel. Sharks, manta rays, sea snakes, octopus, sea slugs, , turtles, fish of every kind and creatures large and tiny – I’ve seen ’em all in places like Hawaii, Ningaloo, the Great Barrier Reef, Forster and (ahem) Terrigal.

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