The postman always rings twice… as loudly as anyone else

The postman always rings twice… as loudly as anyone else

Look what just arrived in the mail!

The Price is Right Prize

“For the naturist enthusiast”.

Yes I am now the proud owner of a pair of completely useless binoculars and an official Price is Right winner! (I have yet to see the episode but I encourage those of you with nothing better to do at 5pm on a weekday to start tuning in to Channel 7 just in case I don’t get the phone call warning they promised).

These babies are valued upwards of $300, however if you pop over to my eBay profile you might score a bargain. Let’s face it, glasses and binoculars don’t mix so trying to watch anything with these things would send me as dizzy as 3 hours of Avatar 3D… best that somebody else enjoy them.

As yet, my ‘Price is Right’ boardgame remains unplayed, however that’s got more to do with the fact that the “host” appearing on the box is not our beloved Larry but some imposter.

You’ll be pleased to know however that I spent my $50 Big W voucher in short order. I ended up buying some baby outfits (for Mandii Designs), a new running top (for my half marathon training), and a headset (to help me communicate with my fellow zombie killers). My 15 seconds of fame paid for themselves!

Some would say I’m a pretty lucky duck. I’ve won lots of stuff in my time. I’ve won 2 overnight stays at ‘Vibe’ hotels, head-to-toe gym gear, a $700 baby stroller (which is still waiting patiently in its box at the grandparents’ house), DVDs, a mountain bike, $80 worth of scented candles (you’d be surprised how little that gets you), an iPod Touch (back when they were still worth a lot of money), handcrafted silver earrings, P!nk tickets and lots more. The phrase “you’ve got to be in it to win it” is my motto and I regularly enter competitions when I’m bored. The key is to forget the massive Coca-Cola campaigns and steer towards the local ones. Also, the more effort you have to put in, the better chance of winning (since most people are too lazy to come up with 25 words or less).

So, the binoculars are by no means the most valuable prize I’ve ever won, but the method of winning them beats the others clear out of the water!

I’m curious, what’s the best prize you’ve ever won?

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