Get it India

Get it India

I’ve always loved a good pun, and when I first saw the retail food chain “Get it India” I was beside myself with the general punnyness of it all. As the Thai restaurants of Australia know all too well, there’s nothing like a good pun to bring in the pun-ters. We’ve got “Thaitanic” and “Thai Riffic” out our way. Then of course there’s the hairdresser ‘Do or Dye’, which works on so many levels.

You might even say it has layered meaning.

Oh, I kill me!

Are the local businesses in your area as creative with their names? I hope so.

Anyway, my point is not really to talk about puns (as awesome as they are), my point is to announce that I have managed to scrounge together some pennies and I think I might actually manage to tick off list items 8 and 18 in one fell swoop! That is, I’m going to book a trip to India and Nepal, with a plan to “live and work” there too!

The trip will be only as long as my annual leave and budget will allow, which means I probably won’t get the full immersive intent behind either of those list items (as submitted by my Aunty Wendy and Dutch friend Peter respectively). Nevertheless, I think dipping my toe in will be a great enough achievement for me in the rapidly dwindling days of my twenties.

I have never been to India or Nepal, so I welcome any and all suggestions about what to see and do there (particularly in and around Delhi and Kathmandu). I have already been warned that there is far too much to see and do to get to both of those countries in one short trip, however I will work hard to do it if I can, if only to avoid the slight pang of remorse when I can only half tick off that list item. If Contiki Tours can span eight countries in eight days I reckon I can squeeze two into a couple of weeks.

To add to the excitement, my aunty has decided she might like to join me! Our plan is to offer ourselves up as volunteers to satisfy the “live and work” requirement. A week seems like insufficient time to really make much of a difference, but we are fast learners and I’m sure we will add some value while we’re there.

Initially when the list came about I didn’t really expect to tick either of these items off so I’m really excited by these travel plans. At the start, Andy suggested that I’d have to be satisfied with visiting my friend named India (who lives in Cairns)… perhaps going out of my way to then meet a guy named ‘N. Paul’… and then visiting him too.

It’s amazing, however, how far a little bit of determination can get you. Here I am only a few months later with serious plans that will hopefully involve seeing Mount Everest with my own human eyeballs.

I have no intention of going all Edmund Hillary on the thing, but even to see it, I’m sure, would be an experience I wouldn’t soon forget.

I am now back on course to achieve 20 of the remaining 21 list items, with “Courtside tickets at Madison Square Garden” remaining the last goal that feels out of my reach. Then again, you never know! I’ve been tossing up the idea of heading to the casino on my “Blow a week’s wages on a night out” night, so you never know what might happen!

Have you ever volunteered or lived and worked overseas? What was it like?

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  1. Do you think seeing “ncle.. Paul ” would be stretching the N Paul thing?. Much better choice to do the trip anyway. Looking forward to it

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