Peek-a-Boo! I see… that you are more popular than I.

Peek-a-Boo! I see… that you are more popular than I.

Blogging is an interesting art form. It’s like writing a diary… only the opposite – because it’s extremely public.

Rebel Wilson Diary Quote from Bridesmaids

Aussie comedienne Rebel Wilson in ‘Bridesmaids’

Being so public, blogging leaves your poor, fragile little ego exposed to the vagaries and whims of your readers. This can result in a dramatic blow when you discover, for example, that every single guest post on your blog has been more popular than any of the countless posts you have written yourself (ouch!)

More distressing, however, is when you come to the realisation that most of your readers aren’t readers at all… They’re just web surfers who like cute pictures of Boo the Pomeranian.

Boo the Pomeranian

To be fair, Boo is pretty damn photogenic.

Yes, ironically, my blog post about how much I dislike animals remains the primary source of most of my blog hits because it features a seriously adorable picture of the teddy-bear-faced puppy. I know this because the WordPress stats told me so.

Speaking of WordPress, to anyone looking to jump on the blogging bandwagon, I’d have to recommend it. Not only is WordPress easy and fun to use, but it gives you access to a whole bunch of cool information about your readership (or Boo-worship perhaps?) The stats will tell me, for example, which countries my readers have come from, like so:

Wordpress Stats

Country Views
Australia FlagAustralia 3,708
United States FlagUnited States 555
United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom 128
France FlagFrance (Thank you Mum & Dad!) 89
Canada FlagCanada 58
Japan FlagJapan 33
Romania FlagRomania 27
Spain FlagSpain 17
Netherlands FlagNetherlands 16
Belgium FlagBelgium 14
India FlagIndia 11
Slovakia FlagSlovakia 9
Switzerland FlagSwitzerland 9
Germany FlagGermany 7
Kuwait FlagKuwait 7
Ireland FlagIreland 6
Bulgaria FlagBulgaria 6
Philippines FlagPhilippines 5
Israel FlagIsrael 4
New Zealand FlagNew Zealand 4
Sweden FlagSweden 4
Norway FlagNorway 4
Singapore FlagSingapore 4
Turkey FlagTurkey 3
Indonesia FlagIndonesia 3
Nigeria FlagNigeria 3
Greece FlagGreece 3
Korea, Republic of FlagRepublic of Korea 3
Malaysia FlagMalaysia 3
Viet Nam FlagViet Nam 2
Saudi Arabia FlagSaudi Arabia 2
Algeria FlagAlgeria 2
Estonia FlagEstonia 2
Brazil FlagBrazil 2
Hong Kong FlagHong Kong 2
Mexico FlagMexico 2
Croatia FlagCroatia 2
Jordan FlagJordan 2
Thailand FlagThailand 2
Denmark FlagDenmark 2
Luxembourg FlagLuxembourg 2
Cyprus FlagCyprus 1
Italy FlagItaly 1
Czech Republic FlagCzech Republic 1
Mauritius FlagMauritius 1
Qatar FlagQatar 1
Oman FlagOman 1
Dominica FlagDominica 1
Finland FlagFinland 1

Total:  113,7083,708


Pretty cool, huh?

Unfortunately, however, it will also tell me that most of those people were searching for Boo when they found my blog.


So, it is clear that I am not as popular as I’d like to think. Although the stats page is highly addictive and I do try my best, I will never be as cool as Boo.

That’s ok though, I’ve really taken to blogging like a duck to swallowing its food whole. Sure, it may not appeal to everyone else, but I really do enjoy it, and there is an unmeasurable thrill in discovering that one of my posts has prompted someone to try something new and exciting, or even reduced them to happy tears. Such is the power of putting yourself completely on the line. Yes, you might risk embarassing yourself, saying something you shouldn’t, or otherwise exposing your ego to a serious (puppy) licking, but the rewards are awesome too.

I know that some of my actual readers have considered blogging as well, and to each of you I would have to say: “Do it!”

It’s almost the most fun you can have with no pants on.


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    • Wow! I’m excited to hear that! Boo is still more popular than me…

      My top 3 search terms of all time?

      boo the pomeranian (1,878)
      pomeranian boo (883)
      boo pomeranian (315)

      Various iterations of the same theme make up most of the list! haha

      I just had a quick look on your blog – Costa Rica looks beautiful. A possible honeymoon destination perhaps?

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