No Fridge Challenge Day 7: Midnight snack attack!

No Fridge Challenge Day 7: Midnight snack attack!

As midnight approaches on Day 7 of the No Fridge Challenge, I can’t help but be relieved that it is nearly over.

I’m sure when my sister-in-law Sandy proposed the challenge she did not expect that I would find it so difficult. What’s the big deal, right?

I suppose it is just far harder than I suspected to live without this most basic of household appliances.

It causes me to wonder whether the loss of any other home appliance would hit so hard?

(Which then causes me to wonder how I’ll go with the No TV Challenge…)

Frightfully, I expect.

But, before you judge me and my difficulty in this challenge, I challenge you to walk a mile in my shoes. Let’s see how long you would last without access to your fridge. Unless you REALLY love baked beans, I suspect it won’t be long.

In hindsight, I should have engineered the challenge so that it focused less on the appliance itself, and more on what that appliance represented. Of course, the fridge does not so much represent refrigeration, as it does convenience.

So, if it’s an inconvenient week you’re after, by all means ditch the fridge. If a week of healthy, fresh living is more you’re cup of tea, then give your fridge a big cuddle, fill it with fresh fruit and veg, and enjoy!

As for me, I’m relieved to be going back to my usual diet, which, to be honest, is generally far healthier than the diet I’ve enjoyed over the past week. Casting sheer volume aside, I generally eat pretty well. That is, except when I’m eating McDonald’s (which Sandy will be no doubt overjoyed to know I’ve avoided all week).

Sandy, I have to thank you for opening my eyes to just how reliant I am on my fridge, and causing me to appreciate what I have most certainly taken for granted my entire life. Rarely have I known what it is like to feel truly hungry, and that in itself is an eye-opening experience. Of course, this is all said with the knowledge that any hunger I did experience was due to my own lack of preparation and nothing more.

I hope you are satisfied with my dedication to the cause, even if it was misguided and riddled with whingeing. I suppose you can just be grateful you weren’t here to experience it first-hand!

With that, I tick off my ost challenging challenge yet, 27. Live without a fridge for 7 days!

Only 22 left to go!

Which list item do you think I should tackle next? Cast your vote in the comments!

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