No Fridge Challenge Day 4: TV dinners

No Fridge Challenge Day 4: TV dinners

Things at our house are getting grim. I’m only halfway into the No Fridge Challenge and already supplies are running low. Here I was thinking I was set for nuclear fallout, when in reality I can barely last 4 days. Now all I have left is half a bag of pretzels, some eggs, two tins of tuna, and some rapidly decelerating celery.

I could always go to the shops and buy more supplies, but I am weak from the malnourishment…

Weak… and lazy.

Fortunately, I have not yet commenced the No TV challenge, because it is providing me with what little sustenance I have left…

TPIR Audience

Happier times before the famine: Can you see me, my sister Claire, and Andy? Unfortunately my brother Dane got cropped…

You will note Andy’s hesitant smile, induced by the beboa’d woman beside him (or should I say, half on him?) Unfortunately no chicken dinners for us on this occasion. Stay tuned to TPIR (5pm on Channel 7) throughout the week to possibly catch another glimpse of our 15 seconds of fame before they expire! Stay tuned to this blog for an update on when I will appear as a contestant on the show!

Seriously though, I kid. Yes I am hungry, but I can’t blame the No Fridge Challenge for my complete lack of culinary creativity. In fact, I quite enjoy cooking, and I enjoy fresh, healthy food. The interesting thing about the No Fridge Challenge, however, is how quickly you come to realise that modern conveniences have turned you into an unconcious eater. Introducing just one more step into the thought process that comes before shovelling something delicious into your gob has got to be good for the waistline!

Busy weekdays are the natural enemy of healthy eating. I am looking forward to this weekend and the opportunity to get a little more creative with the menu.

Do you have any favourite fresh food recipes you think I should try?


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  1. Far out, you’d think mankind couldn’t survive without appliances the way you are recording this!

    Here’s some meal suggestions which should get you through a week…

    – toast
    – cereal with juice or powdered milk
    – bircher muesli (no yoghurt, though that does really lift it to another level…)
    – eggs
    – fruit salad

    – sandwiches – I’m sure you can come up with 7 different sandwich fillings if you need variety
    – pasta (make sauce from fresh or tinned tomatoes, herbs, spices, onion, mushroom)
    – salad
    – fish and chips (fresh fish will avoid the refrigeration aspect; though it was probably thrown in ice on the way in, you can’t really avoid that unless you catch it yourself)
    – risotto (pumpkin, mushroom)
    – vegetable lasagne
    – curry (lentils, potato)
    – fish tacos (you can make guacamole& chilli sauce without a fridge too and have some dip to go with it)
    – soup (tomato, pumpkin, potato & leek, vegetable)

    Try using dried meats like salami or chorizo in pasta, or a cheese-less pizza.

    • Haha you know how I love to be dramatic!

      Liking the fish and chips idea – might take you up on that suggestion right now!

      And maybe a curry for dinner? Will your lovely wife allow meat purchased from the butcher? It doesn’t get much fresher than that around these parts…

  2. I recognised you immediately because you’re the youngest (attractive) people in the audience 🙂

    Question – are you spending more money without the fridge (ie eating out a lot?)

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