No Fridge Challenge Day 3: Feeling drained

No Fridge Challenge Day 3: Feeling drained

Last night Andy and I enjoyed a movie that didn’t fall into the Top 100. Stephen King’s ‘IT’ provided a refreshing change, however it brought with it it’s own set of problems.

Those who have seen ‘IT’ will know that it involves a rather disturbing child-eating clown, Pennywise, who lives in the drain (not in a feisty Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles way, mind you, but in a Penguin from Batman Returns kind of way).

I don’t know, maybe I’m just feeling a bit “drained” myself, but things are starting to get a little weird.

‘IT’ was the first scary movie I ever saw, at the age of about 10. My older brother was having a sleepover and I guess he was just young enough to not particularly care that I watched it with him and his friends. Either that or he wanted to see me hit the roof with fright.

In any event, it’s more laughable than scary these days, but last night our bathroom did suddenly decide to suddenly start emanating strange noises… and now there is a spider living in the shower that wasn’t there before.

As soon as our IKEA sink starts spurting blood balloons, I’m out.

Stranger still, this morning I noticed my fingernails had turned an unhealthy shade of yellow… to the point where it was glowing out from underneath my shiny pink nail polish. Even a liberal splash of nail polish remover didn’t fix it.

Just when I was on the brink of a trip to the chemist for fungal nail treatments, Andy saved me…

“It’s just pumpkin”.

Yes, it seems that in hacking away at a giant piece of pumpkin last night to whip up pumpkin risotto, I managed to stain my fingernails. Oh, the hazards of healthy living! I mean, I’ve stained my fingers before, but it’s usually the work of the humble cheezel.

Food wise, I’ve branched out today. Andy may have enjoyed a heaped helping of leftover pumpkin risotto (which was delicious the first time around, if I do say so myself), but I had to look for other options that hadn’t chilled out in the fridge overnight. I had a bowl of Moroccan curry scrambled eggs with chives (no milk) and a muesli bar. Tonight I allowed myself a fresh King prawn and snow pea stir fry at a Thai restaurant (I’m sure some of the items had been refrigerated but, to be fair, none of them needed to be, so I’m allowing it). The red wine was a no-brainer.

The thing you’ll notice about a No Fridge Diet is that it requires a heap of preparation, so I’m just a little bit concerned about the kind of mood I’m going to be in tomorrow morning when I wake up to find there aren’t a whole lot of food options left from my original stash.

I don’t know what I’m withdrawing from. I haven’t really denied myself any of my usual vices…. What do you think?

Sorry, what?

I can’t hear you. My brain is screaming at me…




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    • It’s not the cooking that does me in – it’s the planning! Usually by the time I’m ready to think about dinner the hunger monster has already kicked in and logic flies out the window!

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