No Fridge Challenge Day 2: A fruitful endeavour

No Fridge Challenge Day 2: A fruitful endeavour

So I’m onto day 2 of the No Fridge Challenge, and I’m already feeling a little better prepared. Andy is planning to make a nice pumpkin risotto for dinner, and I even managed to rescue a fresh avocado from my parents’ tree, which I intend to turn into guacamole and eat with corn chips as a snack – because I can!

There were also some ripening paw paws and a few early oranges rotting in the grass. It’s a foragers heaven, as you can see…

Paw Paw Tree

To shimmy up or shake down?

If only life were this simple all the time.

After quickly stopping in at the orchard they call home, I headed down the road to a series of work meetings at the local café.

Now, I struggle with café meetings at the best of times. I don’t drink coffee, I don’t drink tea, I don’t even drink hot chocolate. People meeting me for the first time have been known to look me up and down as if checking for my second, dehydrated, head.

But it’s nothing ethical, political or even remotely interesting. I just don’t like the taste of the “brown poison” and don’t need yet another addiction to add to the list.

The problem is, politeness requires that you order something. If not out of politeness to your companion, at least out of politeness to the café playing host to your outing.

Usually I opt for my old favourite coca-cola. At least that way I can be caffeinated like everyone else. Other times, I’ll have both tap and bottled water in front of me… just so I don’t look like a cheapskate.

All this is manageable of course, and I usually escape with minimal societal scorn.

But what does one order from a café when they have vowed themselves to a fridgeless week?

With the meetings lasting nearly 2.5 hours over the busy lunch period, even my far-corner position couldn’t hide me from the watchful eyes of the staff. I had ordered only a bottled water out of the abovementioned politeness, and it was still sitting untouched in front of me 2.5 hours later.

In fact, for all I know, it is still sitting there, untouched now. I had originally intended to keep it for Andy so it wouldn’t go to waste, but all that flew out the window when I completely forgot to take it home with me!

On my previous post my brother recommended that I simply go and buy a whole bunch of fresh seafood, meat and veggies and whip up a delicious meal. That’s all well and good when you’re at home and fully prepared with groceries, but it certainly doesn’t slot nicely into the little life I’ve made for myself, which has been based almost entirely on convenience.

This, I suppose, is the challenge.

So, here’s hoping tomorrow brings a fresh burst of culinary creativity and the sudden motivation to hit the shops for ingredients.

Until then, I remain…. hungry.


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    • Damn! That would’ve been nice too because I can’t have the stuff at home! I am definitely not very good at this fresh living thing… I blame the years of malnutrition! 😛

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