Confession Time…

Confession Time…

So I may or may not have become a victim of my own fame after my appearance on The Price is Right on Wednesday.

Thing is, I got so wrapped up in the celebrations that I kinda forgot about my commitment to living without a fridge for 7 days (and when I say “forgot”, what I really mean is, “I wilfully ignored my commitment because I really wanted a glass of champagne”).

In all honesty, I had already failed. Whipping up the WORST stir-fry of my life on Tuesday night I had to rescue the soy sauce from the fridge. Normally I keep the soy sauce in the pantry so I let it slide… but the guilt was still eating away at me like so many mutinous stomach acids.

Kate Moss once said “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels,” and to that I say, “You’ve starved your brain so long you’re starting to say stupid things”…

You will find, in fact, that the following things “taste better than skinny feels”:

  • An ice-cold can of coke
  • Free chocolate coins from the Institute of Chartered Accounts
  • Meat
  • Victory-flavoured champagne
  • Freedom from the tyranny of a fridgeless existence

At some point I am going to have to start the ‘No Fridge Challenge’ again, and I pity the fool who happens to cross my path that week.

Living without a fridge is hard (especially when you start doing sadistic things like increasing the challenge by disallowing foods that have ever been, or contain at least one ingredient that has ever been, refrigerated. Why do I do these things to myself?)

Moping must burn serious calories because after 3 days of obsessing over all the things I could have been eating or drinking, I found myself skinnier than I have been in a while. Sure, that may have a little to do with my training for the half marathon, but I think there is something to be said for the “no fridge diet”. I’m no Kate Moss, but I’m certainly pleased to be one step closer to a weddy-ready body.

So, stick a giant red ‘F’ on my report card for now. I’ll let you know when I’m ready to swap being fed for being fed-up. For now, please pass me another chocolate coin (I ate all mine).


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