Status Report: 7 down, 23 to go!

Status Report: 7 down, 23 to go!

Maybe I’ve just got a case of the Fridays… but I’m really itching to tick off another challenge. There are 52 weeks in a year and we’re already 9 weeks and only 7 challenges down. I’ve got some decent momentum going but I’m really going to have to lift my game if I’m to get them all done by 1 July 2013. So far in the past 2 months I have:

To keep up the momentum, I already have some other activities planned…

  • Live without a Fridge For 7 Days – Commencing Next Monday 3 September 2012
  • Volunteer at Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary – 27 October 2012
  • Sea World Dolphin Swim – 8 November 2012
  • Share one last weekend with the Canada Girls in my 20s – Australia Day Long Weekend 2013
  • Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon – 19 May 2013

I’m also 57 movies down out of 100 and have a writing course on 13 and 20 October to get cracking on my masterpiece. I’ve run 91.4 km in training for my half marathon at an average (and ever-increasing) speed of 10.17 km/hr (not a bad effort for someone whose previous exercise regime consisted of walking up to the servo to get a diet coke). I’ve been attending my singing lessons every week in the hopes that A: This counts as learning an instrument, and B: I am not so vocally “special” that I will never improve beyond screeching (who knows, the guitar might be easier after all?) Meanwhile, my mind is mulling over how and when best to tick off each and every other single item on my list.

Importantly, for all the Larry fans out there, I even have a plan to give ‘The Price is Right’ a second go next week (with a little more “I ♥ Larry” action this time). Have you been watching out for us on TV? They said it would be 4-6 weeks and it was 4 as of Tuesday. You will never see me so enthusiastic in my life!

Now, I don’t want to be a Negative Nelly, but there are 3 items on my list that I suspect may not be completed by 1 July 2013. They are:

  • 8. Book a trip to India and Nepal,
  • 16. Courtside tickets at Madison Square Garden, and
  • 18. Live and work abroad

I have been diligently buying lottery tickets, but as yet I haven’t hit the big time. I welcome any and all suggestions as to how I might accomplish these feats in the 10 months I have left!

I’m pretty proud of my “journey” so far and I’m definitely glad I started the list. The last year of my twenties is set to be one of the most exciting yet! Now the next time someone asks me “So, what have you been up to lately?” I might actually have soemthing interesting to say!

So, what have you been up to lately?


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  1. Maybe you can double count the “Get engaged” instead of going OS. Unless you think it maybe a nice pre honeymoon destination…. No?

    • I don’t know if I can even count “get engaged” once considering it wasn’t exactly a “challenge”! Haha.

      I’d love a pre-honeymoon! I’ve just got to keep myself in good supply of lottery tickets!

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