Guest Post: “Maybe we have caught onto something good here…”

Guest Post: “Maybe we have caught onto something good here…”

By Patricia T.

The small innerwest suburb of Dulwich Hill is best known for its concreted front gardens, abundance of gargoyles and feverishly holding on to the title of “a suburb just in the innerwest”. It’s the kind of place where you might expect Greek gyros and dolmades as your dinner fare. That’s what makes Amanda’s bucket list item of preparing a McDonalds quality menu for her childhood friends Denise and Pat an almost ethnic eating experience, for Dulwich Hill anyway.

The attention to detail was the first thing that impressed me. From the doorbell to number 13 an iridescent red and yellow, the yellow “M” on the door, to authentic McDonalds’ condiments arranged in child friendly bowls (nice touch), I felt that Amanda’s newly renovated home had transformed into a bona fide McDonalds Restaurant. So far, so good.

We were promptly attended to by the waitstaff (a.k.a. Amanda and Andy), and given any choice of soft drink in a proper McDonalds cup. Against McDonalds tradition, we were also offered beer or wine in a McDonalds cup. But, when Amanda poured her red wine in to a McDonald’s cup and exclaimed enthusiastically and repeatedly, the benefits of drinking wine through a straw and a non-spill cup, I thought “maybe we have caught onto something good here…”.

To the sound of smooth grooves and the smell of meat patties sizzling, we enjoyed light conversation until the first onslaught of salt, fat and sugar was delivered. And let me tell you, our high expectations were met. Inside our brown, recyclable McDonald bags we were welcomed with Big Macs (should I be “trade-marking” that?) and a medium sized chips. On initial inspection, I noticed that my Big Mac was larger than my memory served me. Realising, of course, that I am the favourite guest, I didn’t give it a second thought, I am due to receive the biggest Big Mac. However, when I looked around I saw the saucepans-for-eyes look on everyone’s faces as they opened their bags to find the same mammoth Big Mac that made me feel special, I felt slightly deflated. Those feelings were instantly dismissed when I opened my mouth and devoured what could best be described as “a party in my mouth that everyone was invited to”. And in reply to Amanda’s previous post, the Big Mac sauce was JUST RIGHT. The fries had the perfect amount of salt on them and the option of extra sauce made the experience pleasing.

Not ignoring tradition, Denys and Andy opted for no pickles (or pickled cucumbers should I say?). The surprise of the night came as the last French fry and mouthful of Big Mac was consumed and Kevin pointed out, “This is the first time I have eaten McDonalds and not had eater’s remorse”, or as Denys calls them ”The Mcgrets”.

Other highlights from the night include Kevin sporting a particularly offputting McDonalds mask with a face hidden inside a face, authentic McDonald’s sundae spoons, and unlimited chocolate topping refills awww yeah!

As for the company, I felt privileged to partake in conversational topics including religious figures riding bikes, exactly how big a ten pin is and where it could get stuck and the CD… oh the CD….

A final note to Amanda McLohan (or should I say McScotland?), I hope you find the pickle race we started before it becomes a mould problem…

Can any of the guests ever go to McDonalds again and be satisfied? Was Amanda’s dinner party like Yoko to the Beetles? Am I ruined forever? I think so.. And for that, I thank you Amanda. I’d prefer your cooking any day.

What did you think of Pat’s contribution to the list? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. Personally, I found Pat’s contribution to the list both McDelicious and McFun. I should confess here that I accidentally left the Maccas door buzzer sign on and the next day when the Coles man came to deliver our order HE HAD TO PRESS THE MCDONALDS BUZZER! It was worth it for what I imagine the look on his face would have been 😀

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