Big Mac on Campus (a recipe for success)

Big Mac on Campus (a recipe for success)

Woo hoo! Last night I successfully ticked off the 7th challenge on my list of “30 things to try before I’m 30”, number 15 ‘Host a homemade McDonalds dinner party’, as submitted by my dear (yet ridiculous) friend, Pat.

Now that the mission is accomplished, I can reveal the remaining secret weapons in my arsenal…

For one thing, I had a genuine ex Maccas cook on hand to help me get it all just right (and when I say “help” I must confess he did most of the cooking!)

Maccas Cook

The awesome-bly line

However the piece de resistance was the genuine McDonalds packaging supplied by my darling cousin Mel, without which my Big Macs would have just been plain old burgers. Thanks Mel!

Maccas Packaging

Disposable dinnerware: The dishpig’s dream

The meal consisted of two courses: The main – Big Macs and fries; and dessert – chocolate sundaes.

You will note from the first picture that the Big Macs were indeed quite large and did not fit in their boxes. This helped to create the illusion that we were children again, as we all seemed to recall Big Macs being the size of our heads.

The finished Big Mac product consisted of the following ingredients:

  • The sauce I made yesterday (which did taste ok in the end on the finished burger),
  • Finely sliced iceberg lettuce,
  • Dehydrated onions (finely diced onions I briefly zapped in the microwave),
  • A ‘Bega Super Slice’ of cheese (the closest I could find to plastic Maccas cheese – the same company that makes the Bega Super Slices also supplies the yellow American cheese to McDonalds Australia so I figure that’s close enough),
  • Two ‘Always Fresh’ pickle slices (these looked the most suitable from my options at the local IGA),
  • “100% Australian Beef” patties, which I made myself by flattening about 50g of beef mince as flat as possible (if replicating this dish, it’s important to remember to make the patties larger than the buns because they shrink when cooking), and
  • 12 ‘Bakers Oven’ hamburger buns sliced into halves with 6 of the top halves discarded and the bottom halves used as the ‘club’ or centre slice of each completed burger (These buns were the most suitable I could find in my local IGA but I’m sure any soft seeded hamburger bun would work just as well).

To assemble, we lightly toasted the buns in the oven and pan-fried the beef patties (adding a pinch of salt and pepper of course!) I was surprised that the beef patties did not crumble. I was sure they would need egg or some other ingredient to hold their shape but I guess when you squish them flat enough they keep their form. We then put the burgers together in the approved Maccas order:

  1. Sauce on bottom bun and middle bun
  2. Onions on bottom bun and middle bun
  3. Lettuce on bottom bun and middle bun
  4. 1 slice of cheese on the bottom bun and two pickle slices on the middle bun
  5. 1 beef patty on the bottom bun and 1 on the middle bun
  6. Then pile it all up!

For our vegetarian friend we used Sanitarium lentil patties instead of the beef.

We deep fried our fries at the same time. We used McCain frozen shoestring “Superfries”. McCain also supply Maccas so I didn’t feel inclined to julienne my own potatoes when Ronald himself doesn’t bother!

If cooking for more than 2 people I would absolutely recommend having somebody else there to help you assemble. Even between Andy and I we still didn’t manage to keep everything hot (I have a newfound respect for Maccas cooks I must say!) I simply did not have enough cooking space to cook 12 patties and toast 18 buns and fry 6 serves of chips in one go. It didn’t help that I had the chips on my least hot hotplate so they took forever to cook (rookie error).

The sundaes were made just from Peters vanilla icecream scooped into the sundae cups with Cottees “Thick & Rich” chocolate topping. I confess that I did not get around to cranking up the Sodastream as originally intended. Some ice cubes and bottled softdrink poured into the Maccas cups seemed to work just fine. A couple of the boys enjoyed beer instead of softdrink in their cups and I elegantly sipped red wine through my straw. A classy affair indeed!

I think it’s safe to say our guests enjoyed their ride on the “Maccas Train”, but I will leave it to Pat to give you her opinion in a guest post!

Maccas Dinner Party

Super Happy Meal

What did you think of Pat’s contribution to the list? Let us know in the comments below!


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