Open the fridge, smell the cheese.

Open the fridge, smell the cheese.

This morning I opened the fridge, excited by the prospect of the bagels I bought yesterday. I haven’t had bagels in a while and I’d have to say they’re my favourite breakfast food. When I was living in Canada I kinda became addicted to “BLT Bagels” at Tim Hortons. If you haven’t tried one I recommend you do, stat. If it helps, they’re selling them for Maccas breakfast at the moment… *lovesigh*.

Anyway, the bagel was delicious. The cream cheese? Uh… How shall I put this?

It was black.

Cream CheeseMmm… homemade blue cheese!

All in all it was a thoroughly disappointing start to the day and a very first world disappointment at that!

As I was nibbling on my bagel with butter and tomato (so wrong!) I was reminded on list item number 27, ‘Live without a fridge for 7 days’. This was a challenge from my sister-in-law, who has spent the majority of her working life to date helping other people. Most recently she worked at an organisation that sent volunteers to work on community projects in less fortunate countries. I think I can see what she was getting at with her challenge.

It’s very easy to take something as simple as readily available fresh food for granted. Sure, in my case it may not always be as fresh as I thought, but nevertheless I had a whole fridge full of other options for breakfast and I was really just being picky. Later on I’ll stumble back out there for lunch (leftovers from last night, some of which will no doubt be thrown in the bin at some point), and later still I might have the nerve to whinge about cooking dinner using the veggies and meat that are kept fresh and handy by the fridge right there in the kitchen!

Because I’m also fortunate enough to own a TV (with plenty of free time to watch said TV), this challenge reminded me of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer gets rid of his fridge. Jerry is doubtful that he’ll be able to last long without it:

Kramer: Ahh, no, no, no. You got me all wrong buddy. I am loving this no refrigerator. You know what I discovered? I really like depriving myself of things. It’s fun. Very monastic.

So, in the interests of leading a slightly more “monastic” lifestyle (you know, without the hideous bald spot), I’m going to do the same! To avoid being more wasteful than I already am, I’m going to wait until we’ve used up the fresh vegetables I bought yesterday. As soon as they’re gone – I’m doing it!

I am also fortunate enough to have a pantry, which is always full, but never has anything to eat in there (if you know what I mean). Anyway, I figure eating from the pantry is cheating, since the whole point seems to be to experience what it is like to go without such easy access to food. Of course, I already make a daily trip to the community “well” for clean drinking coke, but that coke comes from a fridge too, so it looks like I’ll also be going without my precious black poison for a week!

Truth be told, I’m expecting this challenge to be an easy one, but then I really have nothing to compare it to. The closest I’ve ever come to it was living in Canada for 6 months without a kitchen and nothing but a tiny bar fridge and bagel-sized toaster to get us through. Then again my diet back then consisted largely of vodka diet coke and peanut butter bagels so it wasn’t much of a sacrifice (and not exactly what you’d call “monastic”). Then again I may have seen God a couple of times when we cranked the heater (which was next to my head) a little too high at night. Perhaps it was a more spiritual experience than I first thought?

What could you not bear to live without? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. I thought you gave up coke a while ago?!

    Ewwww…that picture was disgusting!!

    I can’t live without chocolate…strawberry freddo frogs…

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