The original M.C.

The original M.C.

So, I should probably be running right now, as per schedule. Instead, I’m on my way to dinner at Grandma’s after a lovely dinner with the soon-to-be in-laws, a champagne breakfast and fish and chips for lunch by Lake Macquarie (oh, and did I mention the mudcake for afternoon tea?)

Oh well!

The thing about running is that it’s just so bloody tiring!

I also experience this other strange problem when we’re doing our usual 3km “around the block”. Since I’m on the way to my Grandma’s it seems to be an appropriate time to mention it.  (The problem is a mathematical one, and my Grandma was a high school maths teacher for many years).

The problem is that our “around the block” route is an M.C. Escher drawing! (Or, for the less mathematically inclined among us, the climactic baby-Toby-with-crystal-ball scene from ‘Labyrinth’). The main issue being, of course, that we ALWAYS seem to be running up hill!

And yes, I do think about maths when I’m running, which is probably another reason sport and I don’t mix. Then again, yesterday I heard an Olympic shotput champ describe her method as “believing in (herself) and executing the throw”. Apparently that was advice given to her by another sporting great… If it’s that simple maybe I could be an athlete after all!

Then again, I hear the dinner bell ringing…

Have you been watching the Olympics from the comfort of your lounge like me? What has been your favourite Olympic moment?


Grandma and I with one of Escher’s works


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  1. My favourite Olympic moment has been watching Michael Phelps’ last race bringing his total Olympic medals to 22. And ‘our’ James being in the same race was a bonus. A close second was watching James in the 100m on the big ‘live site’ screen on a freezing cold Port Macquarie morning at 5.20am with his old coaches and local supporters cheering him on.

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