Guest Post: Lights, Camera, Smile, Action!

Guest Post: Lights, Camera, Smile, Action!

By Claire L.

I, like many people, grew up watching TV. It always seemed like such a magical place, this TV Land. I mean, when you’re a kid, even the smallest of special effects left you gobsmacked.

How did they make that happen?

Where did that person go?

Why is everyone so beautiful?

TV Land was always fun to watch, but I could never be part of that, surely? Is that place even real? I mean, look at the “reality” shows that are on now. You’ve got cooking contests, singing contests, miscellaneous talent contests, people stuck on an island voting each other off, and people running around the World completing various challenges. Would you call this reality?

No, neither would I.

This is why I set Amanda the challenge of “competing on a game show”. She’d get to be a part of magical TV Land and possibly walk away with some cool prizes (that she’d share with me, right?)

So we both applied for a couple of game shows (with our interesting back stories in hand), and we were lucky enough to both be asked to be in the audience for ‘The Price is Right’. So, we dragged Andy and Dane along and made a game plan for success:

1. Look good. (Thoughts of an ‘I ♥ Larry’ t-shirt were tossed around, but it was decided that was too cliché).
2. Be interesting.
3. Be enthusiastic.

The problem was, we forgot the fourth step to success:

4. Be a middle-aged woman.

So, unfortunately we didn’t walk away with any prizes, but we did get to be a part of TV Land, and it was still an interesting experience. We also got to meet Larry, which was pretty cool.

LarryThe consoltation prize

He’s actually funny in real life too, but I’m not sure how he does it? He came straight from the Morning Show to film 3 episodes of The Price is Right with us, and then he did another 3 episodes straight after. Having to smile for that long alone is enough to drive you insane.

All in all, the taping took about 5 hours and required us to smile, cheer and clap for practically the whole time. Toilet breaks were restricted too. Lots of people were told they weren’t allowed to use the bathroom until taping had finished. We also had to re-shoot the reactions of the contestants seeing the prizes, when really they were just clapping at a wall. By the end of the day, we felt absolutely exhausted. It turns out TV Land isn’t that magical after all.

Even though Amanda didn’t get picked to be a contestant, I still consider this “mission accomplished”. Plus, there’s still a good chance we’ll make it onto TV since there was a camera right on us for a lot of the taping. Apparently our episodes will be on in roughly 4-6 weeks, so keep your eyes peeled!

And, a hot tip for anyone looking to get picked for the Price is Right… Make an I ♥ Larry t-shirt. It will almost guarantee you get picked.

What did you think of Claire’s contribution to the list? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. I was so tired after yesterday’s efforts I went to bed at 7pm (right after Neighbours) and didn’t wake up until 8.30am. Doctor says I’m to refrain from smiling for two weeks. Nobody say anything funny!

  2. Well done Claire. It’s a shame they’re so narrow with their demographic. You all would have brightened up the show.

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