Fleecing the competition

Fleecing the competition

My younger brother and sister, and Andy and I, will all be hightailing it to Channel 7 studios on Tuesday to sit in the largely middle-aged audience of The Price is Right (list item number 19).

I have previously mentioned how I believe I will need to do something at least slightly drastic to ensure selection as a contestant. Silly me thought a t-shirt printed with “I heart Larry” would suffice. Oh no. These people have upped the bogan ante.

This is the kind of thing I will be competing with:


These boots were made for huggin'”

I’m a Westie from way back and an Inner Westie even now. I need to channel my inner bogan if I am going to survive the fierce competition to make it on TV.

Over on ‘Deal or No Deal’, even a young woman’s partially shaved head with the word “$DEAL!$” stamped into the side did not ensure selection. I’m in over my (unshaven) head!

I still have a couple of days left before the big day. Quick! What do you think I need to do to get their attention on Tuesday?l


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  1. Normally they like (or used to like) big bosomed women bouncing down the stairs but that’s out….hmm yes a shaven head is too confrontational. You have to appeal to middle Australian viewers. Quirky, bright eyed, big big smile…yep you can do that. Good luck!

  2. I’ve got an LED flashing disco Rastafarian purple wig you can borrow. I wore it to the work Melbourne Cup day and won the best hat award (only to be booed off the stage by the ladies who had spent months sewing their fascinators) 😀

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