Guest Post: New Kid On The Blog

Guest Post: New Kid On The Blog

By Juliette

OK, so I’m new to this whole “blog” writing thingy-ma-jiggy. Please forgive me if I make any mistakes, ignore blog etiquette, or if I offend you. After all, I am the new kid on the blog, so at least I have an excuse.

Anyway, the other week I was teasing Amanda about being “kind-of-a-big-deal” in the Blogosphere. I chuckled. She rolled her eyes. I chuckled some more. She rolled her eyes some more. You get the picture. You see, for Amanda, it seems that writing comes so very naturally. Her words flow on the page with the perfect amount of grace, humour and intellect. I, on the other hand, often struggle to find the right words when writing. It’s usually a classic case of “it sounded better in my head” or “you had to be there”.

Nonetheless, it’s great fun to be a guest blogger on Amanda’s blog – she is actually one of the best writers I know. This is the reason why I suggested that she start a blog for her “30 big goals” project.

After a reasonable amount of procrastination (and recovering from a week-long cold *sniff sniff*) I finally got around to starting my guest post. What to write about? Travel? Movies? Music? Something intellectual? No. No. No. And No! I thought it would be much more fun to take a “lowbrow” approach and create a Top 10 List – David Letterman style.

So, here we go: Top 10 random things that annoy me:

10. Multi-directional rain

9. Girls that call their vagina a V-Jay-Jay – yes, Khloe Kardashian I am talking about you

8. “Hard to text” friends

7. Mums who keep us all informed of Little Johnny’s bowel movements through Facebook/Twitter updates

6. Constant mis-pronounciers, misspellas and maker-upperers of words. What’s wif these peepz?

5. Celebrity Fitness DVDs – OK, I’m coming clean here. I actually own “The SituationWorkout” DVD. Doesn’t every one want to learn Sitch’s Ab Secret?

4. People who freak out because they’ve used Dr. Google to self-diagnose themselves

3. The word “cohort” – I don’t know why, but this word just bugs me

2. Reality TV “stars” who are controversial for the sake of being controversial

1. “If you sprinkle when you tinkle…” signs on the back of toilet doors

What did you think of Juliette’s contribution to the list? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. I’m still laughing! This is hilarious! I’ve got one of mine to add to the list – when people say ‘you can’t have your cake and eat it too’ – What the hell does that mean???

  2. Nice work Juliette! Personally, I hate people who use the term “interface” to describe a meeting, it makes me want to slap their interface

    • Back in the naughties it was “synergy” for me, but now I can’t stand people who use the term “moving forward”. When I hear myself saying it I inwardly slap my own interface.

  3. I enjoyed your post Juliette.
    We should come up with the most ten annoying terms used at work
    1) Interface
    2) Synergy
    3) Moving forward
    4) Lets take that offline
    5) At the end of the day
    6) Customer Centric

    Any others????

  4. I hate it when people use the term “personally”….Sorry Tracey but it is a redundant word as is “actually”

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