Wanted: 1 “fairy” tail.

Wanted: 1 “fairy” tail.

Andy and I are fortunate enough to be going to Cairns on Thursday, so I recently went shopping to update my swimming wardrobe. Unfortunately I found nothing suitable (it is winter after all). I was quite disappointed.

Then I looked closer and I found a purple bikini top on sale for $19. It wasn’t something I would normally go for, but then I don’t normally have a “to do” list of 30 items that includes dressing up as Ariel from the Little Mermaid!


Perfect, no?

I bought the top in preparation for the big photo shoot for list item number 29. Now I’m trying to decide if I should wait for summer (so I don’t freeze my “tail” off, so to speak) or do it now, while NOBODY ELSE IS AT THE BEACH.

Oh, but of course I’m not embarrassed by the notion of getting dressed up and heading to the beach! You should all know me better than that by now!

Back when I was closer to 20 than 30, I lived with two very good friends… Let’s just call them “Rachael and Tracey”. Living with those two girls were truly some of the best years of my life and I was lucky to find two housemates who had as great an appreciation for ridiculousness as I did.

Together we created an institution known as ‘Champagne Friday’, which actually had a lot less to do with drinking champagne than you might think. ‘Champagne Friday’ (a legacy which I was later fortunate enough to pass on to subsequent housemates) was a night (always Friday) where all 3 housemates would get together and plan something ridiculous for the evening. The following activities can be attributed to ‘Champagne Friday’ festivities:

  • Going on a somewhat tipsy photo shoot throughout Darling Harbour. There were a few “artistic” shots of leaves and seagulls but as the night wore on I think most of the photos captured us doing something ridiculous.

Dancing in the Street“Dancin’ in the street”

  • Making lip sync film clips to some of our favourite pop songs using household items as props. To protect Rachael in particular, here is a photo of our expertly packed fridge instead:

Fridge Packer ExtraordinaireI still don’t know how she did it.

  • Dressing up as the Backstreet Boys, making a film clip for ‘All I Have to Give (The Conversation Mix)’ and then heading to a nearby park for a late night photo shoot. I can still picture ‘B-Rock’s’ cheekbones and the broomstick Kevin (who became our fourth housemate for a while there – he wore a hat and scarf and had the face of Ashton Kutcher…)

Kevin“Yes baby, no diggity..”

  • Dressing up as a “westie teen mum”, “super girly pink” and “14 year old emo” and heading out to Coogee, stopping via Maccas on the way and frightening some of the local children.

Yes, we went out in public like this.

  • Inventing our own version of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ and tearing up the living room with our “Contemporary”, and “Hip Hop” routines. I believe an umbrella may have featured in one of the routines, and (without a dance partner to assist) I may have relied on an armchair to “catch” me during a particularly stirring couples number.

Thankfully there was no photographic evidence for this one.

  • Filling the entire shower with balloons. Tracey thought this was a great idea, until she got about halfway through and almost fainted from blowing up so many balloons. I came home in a rush to have a shower and it literally took me at least 5-10 minutes to get all those balloons out of the shower! I was in hysterics. Later, the balloons got a second run filling Rachael’s car.

Balloon CarAirbags as standard.

As you can see, I am no stranger to being ridiculous. So, James “Breko” Brechney has challenged me to dress up as Ariel from the Little Mermaid and hightail it to the nearest beach? Well, we all know I’ll take to that like a mermaid to water! I also know who’ll be joining me dressed as Ursula (ahem… Breko). I think Andy will pass for a fine Eric too if I can get him to stop cutting his hair!

Any aspiring Sebastians or Flounders out there wanna join us? I’ll provide the champagne!


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  1. Hahahaha OH MY GOD… Memories!! Oh the hilarity. I still can’t believe the ridiculous things we did!! x

  2. Haha Kevin!! Great memories!!
    I would like to formally apply to be considered for number 29, I could be the mermaid sister Alana, or anyone really? I am not fussy, I just want in! Maybe we could do it in sunny Queensland?? 😉

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