Guest Post: 50 Shades of Red and White

Guest Post: 50 Shades of Red and White

By Cheryl R.

When my niece Amanda emailed me canvassing ideas for “30 things to try before she turned 30“, it didn’t take me long to submit my contribution.

I am a passionate Dragons fans and have been since my Dad used to to take me to watch them play at Kogarah Oval when I was a little girl. I have spent many a day cheering victories, lamenting losses, lauding players and blaming referees when we were hard done by. Amanda, on the other hand, has shown little interest in NRL and is puzzled how I could get so emotional over “a game”.

I wanted Amanda to share the excitement that comes from cheering on your favourite football team. Therefore I challenged her to don a red and white scarf, beanie and jacket and join me at a Dragons game. Cheering, jeering and general hoon behaviour was expected.

Furthermore I expected her to learn a little bit about the players she would be cheering on, join the Dragons fan page and add wallpost entries on facebook professing her support for the Mighty Dragons.

The choice of match was easy. Dragons were playing the Sharks in Wollongong. My husband is an avid Sharks man (which is the source of many an argument in an otherwise happy marriage!! ) and I was looking for an excuse to avoid watching the game with him. So I called Amanda and Andy and asked them to join me at the game and they willingly agreed.

So we headed to the Gong on a sunny Sunday afternoon brimming with confidence. Outside of the ground, Momentum Energy were staging a cycling challenge to see who could generate the most energy by pedalling the stationary bicycle.The leader at the end of the day would win a framed Dragons Jersey.

Andy (or should I call him Cadel) stepped up to the challenge and posted an impressive 301.5 watts and swept into the lead. As I write this, I am still wondering whether he was the ultimate winner and where in their newly renovated home would they display the prized framed jersey.

As we waited for the game to start Amanda used the time to learn more about the Dragons players. If you asked her now she could tell you:

  • The players who have fathers that also played in the Red and White
  • Who has an identical twin who plays for the Bulldogs
  • Who used to play for the Sharks
  • Who was born exactly a year before her cousin Shelley
  • The merits of Jamie Soward’s kicking game

Plus lots of other interesting facts.

Just before the game, tragedy struck. Andy had gone to the bar to get a beer (he was thirsty from all that cycling) when the power at the ground shutdown (I believe it was Carbon tax related) Not only was he unable to buy the grog, but the game day atmosphere was lost as the cheerleaders were forced to do their routine without music!! There was no video, no ground announcement ..nothing!!

The game kicked off (in silence) at 3pm. Dragons had the edge on the opposition all game and ultimately emerged victors 18-10. The highlight was a stunning 70 metre run from Bmoz to post a try right on half time. I suspect many of you who follow Amanda’s blog are as interested in footy as she is, so I will spare you a full match report. Suffice to say we were deserved winners despite my husband complaining about poor refereeing decisions that cost the Sharks the game (Really are such a sore loser!!)

So do I think that Amanda is a NRL convert and will now following the game as passionately as I? Sadly no. But all is not lost.

She had an enjoyable day out, was able to tick off No 12 from her list and probably has a new framed Dragons Jersey that will take pride of place in her home.

What did you think of Cheryl’s contribution to the list? Let us know in the comments below!


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    • I am pleased to see you have ticked off another list item and enjoyed reading Cheryl’s post (it almost got me interested in footy), although the title was somewhat misleading (hehe). I am hanging out for Andy’s run down after you tick off item number 1.

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