Sport? It’s out of my league.

Sport? It’s out of my league.

Sport and I go together like chalk and the White Cliffs of Dover.

I mean, I like sport and everything… I enjoy running and a good game of whatever’s going… it’s just that my meagre appreciation of sport is dwarfed by the passion of, I dunno… say… a footy fanatic?

My Aunty, Cheryl, is one such fanatic.

A. Cher set me the challenge (number 12 on the list) of attending a St George Illawarra Dragons game with her, adopting the mindset of a footy fanatic for at least the afternoon.

I did as instructed and prepared for today’s homeground clash against the Cronulla Sharks. I got on to the Dragons website and read up on the players. I read about the opposition and tried to get a feel for how the game would play out. I even printed off some notes to take with me so I could understand what was going on.

(If taking crib notes to the game is not a warning sign that sports might not be the pastime for me, then I truly don’t know what is).

Nevertheless, I powered on. I soaked up the education from A. Cher about who was who and what was what. From what I learned today I can safely say… well… this.

Ok, so football might not be for me, but I had a great afternoon. WIN Stadium is a beautiful venue and if you can tear your eyes away from the game you’ll catch beautiful ocean views and a picturesque sunset. Honestly, if it were any more spectacular a sporting arena it would be the Barcelona Olympic diving pool.

I dressed up, I cheered, I booed, I sledged… but, most importantly, at the end of the day I accepted victory as if I had played the game myself.

So, much like the Sharks supporters around us today, consider this list item thoroughly ticked off!

Do sports “Get your motor runnin'”, or do your eyes glaze over as soon as the television screen pans to a large expanse of turf or bitumen? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. It all depends on the sport of course. You peaked going to a Dragons vs Sharks game at WIN. Exciting but throw a game of soccer or golf up there and yes my eyes glaze over too. But you must get excited for the Olympics in two weeks time esp. Port Macquarie’s own James Magnussen in the swimming. Now that will be a sporting feast, as Roy and HG would say.

    • Well I must admit I did get a little more enthused about the Thoroey documentary that was on TV when we got back from the game. I have a super special eye glaze that applies to test match cricket 😛

  2. Good thing for you & your companion (why does she get named?) that the St George-Illawarra team won, otherwise you may have had to contend with more comments regarding the villain of the piece.

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