That’s Mandii with 2 i’s (and loveheart dots)


With a few double-up suggestions for my list and just moments to spare before the clock struck 00:01 am on my 29th birthday, I had to quickly come up with a final list item to round out the 30.

It might be cheating to add something that I knew I was about to achieve, but it also seems quite fitting. “Hold a market stall” was one of my New Years’ resolutions this year, and is the 21st Century version of that! Holding a market stall seems a little less achievable given that I would have to amass quite a bit of stock before it would be worth setting up (and baby clothes are so small that it would take forever to get the kind of quantity I would need!) The website however, lovingly designed by Andy, allows me to add a trickle of items as I have the free time to create them.

Free time. Yeah, like I’ll have any of that this year.

In fact, I’ve had my very first order this morning, for little Elise! Her favourite aunty ordered some custom bunting, and already the design ideas are flowing. I think the creative side of my brain works best when given a little inspiration, and what better muse than this little cutie pie?

I can’t wait to see her in the outfit her favourite aunty bought (spoiled rotten this one)!

I’ve found that something funny happens as you start to get older. You stop caring that other people think you’re nuts, and decide to do things like wear your cluckiness with pride instead of feeling the need to hide it. I guess I’ve always been a bit of an overachiever at school, but all I ever really wanted to do was have a family of my own. Of course, I need to tick off list item no. 1 first (and a few other things besides) so in the meantime I will just sew like it’s going out of fashion (oh wait, it kinda did about a century ago… my bad!)

I know a lot of you have already checked out Mandii Designs , so thanks for humouring me!


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  1. i’m so excited to see the pressies for Elise! love ya work mandii. p.s. totes agree – every schmoopy pumpkin baby needs spoiling!!!

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