Not the kind of “red” I was hoping for…

Not the kind of “red” I was hoping for…

Ahh the birthday evening… I was all ready to settle in with a nice glass of red and some “number 23” on the list when I remembered good ol’ number 2!

Thanks to my little brother I have to whip myself into some sort of shape pronto if I’m going to run a half marathon! So, after returning from birthday celebrations with my good friend Jo (who turns 30 tomorrow) Andy and I set out for a 3km run. I am now what Jo and I would call a “super tomato” and my heart is still leaping out of my chest. Andy says it only gets easier but x7 doesn’t sound easier to me?!

I’ve committed myself to 3 runs each week (Sunday, Tuesday and Friday) with an optional cross-train on Thursdays until the end of the year, after which I will launch into full-scale training for the halfer. I still get puffed just bending over to tie up my shoelaces so it’ll be interesting to see how I improve over time. I used to run several times a week, but I think 10km was about as far as I got – and that was rare! I’ve told Dane he’s coming with me, so at least I’ll have (by then) an official doctor  on hand to revive me if I keel over…. and Andy will be there to run for the waah-mbulance.

It’s been quite a hectic day, as I’m sure you can imagine. I almost ticked off number 20 on the list with Jo today as well, although Sarah and India (the other 2 “Canada Girls”) only made a 2D appearance in the DVD put together by Jo’s fiancé. 2D isn’t going to cut it for me I’m afraid! Nevertheless, it’s amazing what a little “to do” list will do for your productivity!

Anyway my heart rate seems to be returning to a less alarming BPM so, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to watch my favourite actor in a movie by my favourite director that I’m baffled I have never seen; ‘Vertigo’. Stay tuned for the movie review!


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