Happy Birthday to me!


This whole blog, all for me?! I shouldn’t have!

I wouldn’t have either… but it’s on the list! Item number 6 in fact. Here I am, ticking off the very first item on my list of “30 things to try before I’m 30”. There it is: “6. Start a blog”.


(Thanks for the suggestion Juliette!)

Although, if i’m being entirely honest, I did start a blog once before… Emphasis on the word start. It was in 2010 and consisted of exactly two posts that, until now, have never seen the light of day ‘Supermarket Sweep‘ and ‘Talent Time‘… and now you know why.

When I asked 30 of my most inspirational and creative friends and family to help me come up with a list of “30 things to try before I’m 30”, I probably should have considered that not all of them would use their powers for good. In fact, some of them seemed to relish the opportunity to watch me squirm (I’m looking at you Dane – and don’t think I didn’t notice you chuckling to yourself Tracey!)

Indeed, I may have bitten off more than I can chew. But, then again, you know what they say about eating an elephant… And here I am taking it one bite at a time. Wait, what? Eating an elephant? That’s not on the list is it?!


Phew! That was close!

Hey, by the time I hit 30, who knows? I may have even managed to swallow the whole damn thing. Don’t worry though, I plan to leave plenty of room for birthday cake!

On that note, there is a particularly appetising piece of birthday cake here with my name literally written all over it, so I’d better get going. I hope you will enjoy reading about my third life crisis as much as I enjoy living it.

Let the countdown begin!

Wish me luck in the comments below!


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